We offer observations on the world from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 44 year old body.


I Republicans love anyone who is against poor people.

We have to find a word to replace Genocide so that Turks will be happy.

I wonder what will replace iPads in the future.

Most young Americans must be compelled to spend four hours a day in the sunshine.

Barack Obama is the best friend for Israel. He seeks peace.

There is no end to hatred in this world.

I wonder if God will ever return to this experiment.

Republicans For Christianity

A common theme among those seeking the Republican nomination for president is their commitment to the Christian religion. They insist that President Barack Obama is a secret Muslim or that he not only hates America but he hates Christianity. Republicans wrap themselves in the mantle of Christianity and proclaim that if elected they will defend Christians throughout the world. Let us examine the Republican party record in defending and protecting Christians in the Middle East.

1. When Republican President George Bush invaded the country of Iraq there were 800,000 Christians who could trace their ancestry back nearly 1800 years ago. Saddam Hussein was always protective of Christians because they wound up owing him for that protection and would not oppose him in power.

2. Along came the Americans. Now, there are about 250,000 Christians in Iraq. The rest have fled for their lives.

3. Why did they flee? George Bush installed people like Prime Minister Maliki who hated Christians and allowed Muslim fanatics to murder, harass and drive them from the country.

4. There are Christians in Syria and they are already gone or shortly will depart.

The Bush policies have been the greatest disaster for Christians in history.

So, Rand and Ted and Jeb sing out your love of Christianity. One more Republican president and there will not be a single Christian left in the Middle East!

On Solitary Confinement

At this very moment as I write these words thousands of men and even women are sitting in a cell in some jail alone. They have been placed in solitary confinement. The origin of this practice derives from 19th century prisons. The concept of solitary confinement was introduced in American jails as a means of aiding those who had committed a crime to repent and become a good Christian. Men were placed in a cell, provided with a Bible and made to read it over and over again. They were not allowed to have any contact with other prisoners and spent days, months, and years alone with their thoughts and the Bible in order to cleanse their minds of evil doing. In those days, this idea was considered to be an innovation and an example of modern thinking.

It is now 2015 and still we employ this horrific punishment for a reason. The reason, at this point, escapes me. It is cruel and unusual punishment whose end result is transforming people into psychological wrecks. The original purpose was to REFORM men, the modern concept is to destroy minds. There is no thought connected with solitary confinement that might result in aiding people who committed a crime to reflect and become a different person. They invariably wind up as mental wrecks. This in the year, 2015!

Oops, Putin Said A Bad Word!

Vladimir Putin has an ability to irritate one and all in this world. He is so confident that whatever he utters will be accepted in the Soviet Union, –oops, I meant, Russia, that he once again angered another government. He was attending a meeting in the nation of Armenia to remember the murder of 1.5 million Armenians residing in Turkey during World War I, when he referred to this disaster as a GENOCIDE. Naturally, the government of Turkey is upset because they prefer living in a world that never happened. Either the Armenians in Turkey killed themselves or they were collaborating with the invading Russian army, but somehow in some way about 1.5 million wound up dead. Actually, the American Ambassador Henry Morgenthau described the atrocities frankly and clearly to his government. Armenians were murdered and it is time for Turkey to recognize this sloughier and initiate an educational program that teaches the truth.

What happened a hundred years is not the fault of modern Turks anymore than the Holocaust is the fault of modern Germans or the massacre of Indians in the West is the fault of modern Americans. As a society we must accept the truth of what happened in the past and work to ensure it does not happen today.

American Heroes

As one who has taught the new generation of American youth it is never surprising to me how they display attitudes of contempt for those who fight for this nation. These young people much prefer the world of social media to the world that exists out of their home. Latest figures indicate the average American young person spends 90% of their time at home engaged with their iPad or some other piece of technology. Of course, when they go off to college and then spend time engaged in some form of disrespect to women or those who fight for their nation, it is never surprising about the outcome. A group of patriotic young men who belong to the University of Florida chapter of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity were having another of their joyous times on the beach at Panama City Beach resort when they spotted some disabled veterans.

So, what did these young heroes do? They stole their flags and urinated at them. Just another day in the lives of our young males in the year, 2015. A large percent of these young men lack any respect for anyone who serves the nation. Piss on these sad group of young men.

Politically Correct Indians

Among the most complex issues confronting the United States of America is the issue of Indians-Native Americans-Apaches. I have been frequently informed that employing the term, “Indian” is not politically correct and should say, “Native American. Of course, the word, “American” comes from the ITALIAN Amerigo Vespucci. Adam Sandler is making a film whose title is “The Ridiculous Six” and one scene depicts some Indians — or should I refer to them by their Italian name, Native Americans? They became upset and complained about, “the examples of disrespect included Native women names such as, Breaver’s Breath and No Bra, an actress playing an Apache woman squatting and urinating while smoking a peace pipe,and feathers improperly positioned on a teepee.”

I assume these ridiculous examples of life among the Apache are examples of being ridiculous, but then again, the name of the film is RIDICULOUS! Ah, the issues confronting the American people!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Demolition Mission”

Ok, we are good at demolishing, now how about building?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Mama Mia”

This is not good spaghetti!

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Banks Abandoned”

I assume they took the money with them.

Norway, Norway Post: “Five Jailed For Wolf Hunting”

Woof, woof to you!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Police And Army Raid Hostel”

I trust it was really a house of of ill fame

Fallacy Of Drone Wars

The ongoing complaint about President Obama by members of the Republican party is that he is some sort of Neville Chamberlain who wants to appease evil doers. They insist he fails as a war leader because he does not want to take out the bad people. Drone attacks under the administration of President Obama are fifty times more prevalent than under the administration of our prior president, one George Bush. The real criticism of Obama is that he has gone crazy in ordering Drone attacks that have resulted in the death of thousands of bad guys –along with the deaths of thousands of innocent people. The US government has now acknowledged that a drone attack on January 15, 2015 which was directed at a military compound also led to the deaths of two hostages–Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto. The Pakistan Foreign Ministry issued a statement: “The deaths of Weinstein and Lo Porto in a drone demonstrates the risk and unintended consequences of using this use of technology that Pakistan had been highlighting for a long time.”

Where is the evidence that killing bad guys with drones–along with a lot of innocent people–has in any way or any form resulted in the weakening of terrorist forces??? Drone attacks may result in the death of a bad guy but it also results in making other men desire to obtain revenge. The US government is now proud they have been open about admitting these deaths. Terrorism will only be defeated by another ideology that results in people leaving terrorism.

Freddie Gray Story Continues

The story of the tragic death of a black man named Freddie Gray in the city of Baltimore, Maryland continues to unravel with scant credit to the police of that city. We do know that Mr.Gray was stopped by police for some minor infraction of driving codes. We do know that SIX policemen were engaged in subduing ONE man, and we do know that he was placed in the back of a police van in a state of collapse with a leg hanging limp. We do know that he requested an inhaler because he had asthma. That we do know. We do not know exactly what occurred once Mr. Gray was placed in the back of a van. However, we do know that when the van arrived at police headquarters and the back of the van was opened, Mr. Gray was dead due to a broken neck. So, what happened?

1. Mr. Gray fooled around with his neck while handcuffed and twisted it until he was dead.

2. There were other prisoners in the van and they broke his neck.

3. The van halted suddenly and it caused a broken neck.

4. OR?

Michael Davey of the Police Department insists that police did not enter the van after Mr. Gray was placed in it. “Policy is policy, practice is something else. It is not always possible for officers to enter the rear of the transport vans that are very small, and this one was very small.”

So, SIX officers feared for their lives because a single man who was handcuffed somehow in some way posed a danger to their safety?? NO COMMENT

Poverty Sucks!

Once upon a time in the United States of America about twenty five percent of those who lived here had fathers and mothers who did not have jobs. NO, this does not refer to Hispanics or black people, but to good old fashioned white folks. During the Depression of the 1930s, one out of four people lacked work and how to depend upon the evil government to provide work and food. I am discussing the grandparents of this win
Congress today who nonstop decry the laziness of those who are without good jobs and seek government -handouts! The concept of government assistance was born in the Depression and those who were given this money were, for the most part, people whose skin was WHITE! These were people of European heritage who had been overwhelmed by the failure of BIG BUSINESS whose follies had created an economic collapse that was the worse in our history. In other words, the grandparents of John Boehner or Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and Sarah Palin were the people who demanded government -handouts. Actually, blacks and Hispanics received a lower amount of aid than those shiftless whites crying and complaining that GOVERNMENT should aid the poor.

Poverty sucks. It takes away the self concept of a man or woman who cannot feed their own children. It creates within their hearts and souls a sense of failure at being a man or woman. One does not LEARN from being poor other than it sucks! What is currently happening to millions of Americans happened to their grandparents decades ago. The only lesson one can derive from poverty is that it must end. Every member of Congress must be required to provide evidence that their grand parents never received government handouts if they are allowed to vote against aid to the poor!