We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I wonder if other life forms have holidays.

Never fear the night, it soon will become light.

Technology hinders reflection.

I wonder how political lobbying began.

There is never An End, just Ends.

I do assume there is a last goodbye.

There are those who speak bravely, and those who act bravely.

I have no interest in ever again firing a gun.

Some speak loudly to emphasize their knowledge.

Some enjoy displaying their ignorance.

Many members of Congress dwell in the Valley of Ignorance.

Some touch top of nose while speaking.

Some clasp hands and place them on mouth while listening.

Await the dawn calmly at age 83.

There is always an answer, the problem is finding it.

Always reach beyond the stars for hope.

I believe in the goodness of humanity.

To think of others is to be a good human.

Do You Recall Congress In Good Old Days?

I am currently engaged in writing the history of the year, 1953 which has compelled me to examine periodicals and events of that year. Would you believe?

1. Senator Robert Taft, leader of Republican Senators was regarded as the main champion for low cost public housing!
2. Adlai Stevenson, who lost the presidential election to Dwight Eisenhower traveled the world and returned to praise the president for his outstanding leadership.
3. Life magazine, a leading Republican periodical, published a story which argued that the Republican party would reduce from 27% to 17% the amount of the nation’s wealth possessed by the top 1% of wealthy people.
4. Senator Joseph McCarthy was going wild with his anti-communism crusade which meant that Republican President Eisenhower needed votes from Democrats to get anything passed.
5. At the last day of Congress in August, Republican Senator William Knowland praised Democratic Senate leader Lyndon Johnson for his “cooperation.” The entire Senate voted to thank Vice President Nixon for the respectful manner in which he presided over the Senate. And, the entire Congress sang a song of farewell.

That was then, and now is now!!

Another Obama Mistake

I voted for Barack Obama as still believe he was the more qualified candidate than his opponents in 2008 and 2012. However, his inept handling of the presidency leaves me confounded with bewilderment how such an intelligent individual could be so lacking in leadership skills. He assumed office with a clear mandate to clean up the mess left by George Bush and the dynamic duo of Cheney and Rumsfeld who lied, distorted and twisted reality in order to provide support for the decisions in Iraq, the decision for torture, the decision to lack any plan for Afghanistan, and certainly their decisions to allow the CIA to go rogue in handling any and all responsibilities given this organization. Once Edward Snowden had come clean with the lies, the distortions, the spying on our friends and allies, there was but one decision that any competent president would have made–CLEAN UP THE CIA MESS!

So, what did Obama do? Hell, he gave additional authority to the CIA to spy on German, on Brazilian, on French leaders who, supposedly were our ALLIES! Now, an idea is taking root in Germany and other European nations, and even in Russia, that the Internet can not be trusted and must be shook loose from American control. The only beneficiaries in this process will be dictators who can now proclaim they are protecting their nation from “foreign spies.”

For God’s sake, Obama, fire the entire CIA leadership and move the Internet to the control of the United Nations!

Negotiate With The Devil?

In June, 1941, German armies invaded the Soviet Union, a Communist nation whose goal was the destruction of capitalist governments. Someone asked British Prime Minister Winston Churchill what would be his stand against allying with a Communist government given his past history of opposing Communism. Churchill responded with words to this effect: I will work with any government if the end result is survival of the British empire. Churchill was also the one who argued, ‘jaw, jaw, not war, war.” In other words, it was incumbent upon a leader to work with any government, any opposing leader if the end result was peace in the world. Palestinian President Abbas announced an agreement with his enemy, Hamas, and this resulted in claims of horror from the Israel government. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “The government of Israel will not hold negotiations with a Palestinian government that ids backed by Hamas, a terrorist organization that calls for Israel’s destruction.”

1. For over fifty years conservative and liberal American presidents negotiated with the Soviet Union, a nation that ostensibly wanted the end of capitalist nations.

2. Since the 1970s, the United States has been negotiating with Communist China, a nation that was allied with North Korea during the Korean war that resulted in the deaths of over 25,000 Americans.

3. Among the original leaders of Israel were men and women who participated in terrorist groups including those which blew up the King David hotel and killed dozens.

Negotiation has to do with today, not with yesterday. In a world with atomic bombs, we must always negotiate and do not have the right to refuse. Who knows, getting Hamas into working for peace with Israel!!

Ukraine Stories Depends Upon Speaker

The Ukraine is like a house that has been torn to pieces by a hurricane and is barely standing up straight. Thousands of Russian soldiers are wandering up and down the border claiming they are simply stretching their legs in case of trouble. The Ukraine government did an outrageous thing, it sent Ukrainian soldiers to clear road blocks in eastern regions of the country, and during this legal process one or two pro-Russian separatists were killed. President Vladimir Putin, the defender of free speech and the right to disagree, warned the Ukraine government: “If the Kiev government is using the army against its own people, this is clearly a great crime.” These words from a man who throws in jail dissidents, and, most probably colludes in the beating, if not murder of others.

So, what can be done?

1. Russia would veto a resolution to send in UN troops or observers.

2. However, nothing prevents UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon from sending UN observers into eastern regions of the Ukraine and report what they discovered.

3. Nothing prevents Ban Ki-moon from assuming new powers that would include sending UN helicopters into eastern Ukraine for observation purposes.

Gun Days And Nights In Georgia

There was a moment about half a century ago when President Kennedy was murdered that most Americans, including members of Congress, seriously examined issues of guns and the death penalty. Even today, most polls reveal the majority of Americans do NOT have a gun, do not want a gun, but for some strange reason support weapons! Crime rates have gone down to the lowest level in half a century, but most people have this crazy idea that danger lurks around the corner and therefore, one must have the right to carry arms. Of course, when they say, “arms, it does not refer to the human anatomy. The state of Georgia just passed a new gun bill that is hailed by the National Rifle Association as a model for America.

The Safe Carry Protection Right allows anyone to carry a gun into a church, school, bars, and even into government buildings. In other words, if someone wants to free their buddy who is on trial nothing prevents him from loading up with guns, enter the courtroom, and liberate his friend from the evil hands of “the government!’ I guess some Christians have long since forgotten what the Sermon on the Mount says so they want a gun in case the long haired radical Jesus appears in “their church.”

Sometimes, I feel lost in a land of crazy people. Do you??

Murder Of Care Takers

Among the most bizarre aspects of the war in Afghanistan is the process by which supposedly normal humans behave in ways that define any definition of normality. Medical personnel have been coming to Afghanistan for years with the sole purpose of caring for the sick helpless. Certainly, by any standard of human decency those who handle the medical needs of civilians, including children,would be exempt from the regular process of murder that is common among many in government forces. OK, their job is to defend the government, but numerous of these individuals are, in reality, Taliban agents. A group of doctors, including two whose main work is with children were aiding the young ones when a member of the Afghan Security forces opened up and killed three doctors. Oh, he eventually was overcome while still shouting his love of God.

It is incomprehensible that ANY religion would sanction murder of those who devote their lives to saving young children. But, this deranged nut case fervently believes some higher force seeks the death of children. I simply do not understand how people can think in this manner. God called upon me to kill someone who was saving the lives of children????


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “How To Build Connections At Work?”

More money would sure help to connect with me.

USA, NY Daily News: “Judge’s Job Listed In Classified”

I am certain lobbyists have their own Classified pages.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Sheep Roaming Free”

Baa bas to all.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Spanish Town Named ‘Kill The Jews’ Renamed.”

Courtesy of the state of Texas it will now be called, “Kill The Black Dude President”

USA, aol: “Defendant Shot In Courtroom”

That is one way to reduce the cost of trials!

Sweden, Local: “Am I Going To Die?”


Turkey, Hurriyet: “Twitter Toes The Line In Turkey”

Prime Minister Erdogan is all a twitter about graft stories!

An ‘Incident” To Occur!

The world watches in horror as armed masked men dressed in Russian uniforms, speaking Russian and behaving just like Russians do under the regime of Vladimir Putin. They resort to violence in order to create a situation which simply awaits the moment when an “incident” will occur in which someone dressed in the Russian uniform is shot or killed. This will provide the moment for President Putin to order in the Russian army in order to “protect” Russians from the horror of a free Ukraine. Vladimir Rybak was a councillor in the east Ukraine city of Rybak. He attempted to get into city hall only to be pushed away by supporters of Mother Russia. Suddenly, a car pulled up and four masked men grabbed him. The next day his body was found sixty miles away in a pro-Russian stronghold, he had been tortured and his body drowned. Naturally, the Russian government insists this is simply another CIA plot to smear its wonderful reputation.

Several other people who seek to remain part of the Ukraine are now dead. Putin insists their death were the result of a plot by the CIA and are examples of attempting to force him to send in troops to protect people. God forbid that Vladimir Putin would ever use force in order to get his way. Just ask gays or those who oppose his rule in Russia how this man of peace, law and order simply wants to make the law in order to ensure those against him understand, agree with Putin or risk death!

Missouri Days And Nights

It is nearly fifty years since I made a great mistake in my life, I decided to live in the state of Missouri. Missouri is a state of mind. People in St. Louis judge individuals by the high school they attended, and if it was not the right one, then forget about entering my house! The state of Missouri has rural areas which still believe the Civil War is in full swing and they simply have to protect themselves from evil creatures who do not go to church on Sunday or believe the world is about 10,000 years in history. Several years ago the yahoos gained control of the State Legislature and devote their energies to passing bills that allow people to carry guns or reduce taxes on job creators or insist we all have to say, “under God” in the Pledge.

Seven Republicans now want to impeach Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat because he committed three terrible crimes:

1. He ordered the State Department of Revenue to accept FEDERAL TAX RETURNS filed by same sex couples, in Missouri, we only believe in men and women getting a divorce.
2. He was not fast enough in filling vacant legislative seats.
3. He did not punish severely those in the Public Safety Department who allowed names of people to be revealed who had permits for gun permits.

Of course, Governor Nixon has the same last name as Richard Nixon which does raise questions as to whether this nation can long endure another Nixon.