What Now For Israel?

Reality: The armed forces of Israel have dealt a crushing blow to Hamas armed forces. Hamas at this moment in time is reduced to terrorist attacks including suicide bombers. It cannot function as an effective army in Gaza. So, what now for Israel?

1. Return to the negotiating table with President Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority.

2. Urge Abbas to include representatives from Hamas in any negotiation. Make Hamas sign an agreement.

3. Cease West Bank settlements for six months.

4. Make a formal announcement the nation of Palestine will come into existence by January 1, 2015.

5. Accept the principle that neighborhoods in Jerusalem which are primarily Muslim will become the nucleus of a Palestinian capital.

6. Work with President Abbas on a comprehensive economic plan to stimulate development in Palestine and provide jobs.

7. Cease demanding that Abbas recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” About 25% of people in Israel are NOT Jews. This is NOT an important issue, so why make it one?

The key factor is ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, not political issues!

No End In Sight In Gaza And Israel

Another breakdown in negotiations between Hamas and Israel. Another launch of rockets from Gaza and another launch of air strikes from Israel. Each side claims the mantle of “right.” Each side believes that its demands are reasonable. Each side wants to ensure its supporters that right in on their side. Another 70 rockets sent to Israel. One wonders exactly what is the purpose of these rockets other than being able to boast Hamas has rockets? A few fall onto the ground with a boom. Occasionally a few hit a house. On the other hand, Israel planes just killed the wife and son of Mohammed Diaf, an important military leader of Hamas. These killings certainly will further the cause of peace?

Frankly, it is amazing how Hamas leaders have lost touch with reality. Sorry, your men did NOT win any victory. Your side can NOT issue demands to Israel. So, what would reality entail?

1. Hamas must return to the Palestinian government.

2. Hamas leaders must realize they are in a weak negotiating position.

3. Hamas leaders must identity their IMMEDIATE GOALS?

4. Israel is NOT going to be destroyed this year or next year. So, what now is the issue for Hamas?

If Hamas can identify the immediate need, there is hope for a peaceful arrangement with Israel.

Steve Ballmer, My Hero

I was born in 1930 when there were heroes such as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. I was a teenager during World War II so Winston Churchill or General Eisenhower were my heroes. I was raised in the world of the New York Yankees bombers which possessed a dozen heroes for a young boy. Today, I lack any hero among our political leaders and in sports we are left with a LeBron James who moves from one team to another in his quest for money. Ah, MONEY, the essential goal for modern heroes. They want dough, and they want their pictures on this or that form of social media. Barack Obama is a nice man, but certainly words such as “heroic figure” are rarely associated with his actions. Then again, we have Ted Cruz and the ever enigmatic John Boehner who never uttered a single sentence that expressed an heroic idea. Oops, sorry, John is very firm on the idea of “I am against.”

So, along comes Steve Ballmer, who is on the Board of Microsoft. Steve announced that he was giving up his Microsoft connection in order to devote his time and energy in transforming the Los Angeles Clipper basketball team into the best collection of basketball players in the NBA. Now, THAT is an heroic goal! Ah, my dream to own the New York Yankees and fill that roster with YOUNG energetic players rather than a collection of old, tired athletes. If Steve pulls off his dream, it will be an act of heroism that will last a hundred years. So, a big cheer for Steve Ballmer!!

Behead Foes For God

A British journalist, James Foley, was beheaded in Iraq by a member of the Islamic State for Iraq and Syria(ISIS). The world was provided a photo of a Jihadist man whose face was covered in black holding up a knife. Islamic Jihadists are not only the only terrorists who feel glory in chopping off the head of a defenseless person, this behavior was very common among Japanese soldiers during World War II. Most fascinating about this act is how those inflicting the sword feel proud. They just have to display their work of terror to the world. For them, it is an act of strength, not weakness. For them, it is a display of an “my enemy will never defeat me” attitude. They wallow in pride, they wallow in proving ISIS is the supreme power in the Middle East.

Those who chop off heads denigrate their enemies. They show no respect for those who oppose them. ISIS soldiers for God believe that God only cares about them, and has no compassion for any other human. Inn one respect, this attitude suggests that “God” is NOT the creator of the world. If He were the Creator surely love and compassion would be felt for all life forms. ISIS followers believe in a God who restricts his love to a chosen few. All, but those who believe in the ISIS version of God must die because they are not human. Such is the mind set of a human who beheads the innocent.


We offer observations on the human condition from a23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


It is Wednesday, and not a single idiot remark from Ted Cruz.

I enjoy making funny faces for children.

A man in McDonald’s asked me what I was doing. I replied that I was writing about him.

In the end, one’s personal integrity is the only thing one should take to Heaven.

I rub my nose when perplexed by the human condition.

A little boy feels a sense of power pushing open a heavy door.

I never grow angry waiting in line, I am a veteran of the US Army.

Sign: ‘”Lost Dog.” Who would desire a dog that is unable to find his way home?

Americans believe the entire world pays attention to their words of wisdom.

Parents smile at the child and give a frown to the adolescent child.

These days when two adults are eating it is a hefty affair.

Children skip through life, too many adults skip away from life.

The End Of Democracy In Turkey

The nation of Turkey in the aftermath of World War I ended its monarchy and created a republic that was heavily secular in thinking an operation. From its initial leader, Ataturk, the armed forces and most public officials were committed to the concept of a secular government which granted all citizens the right of religious freedom. However, in exchange for this freedom citizens had to surrender control of the government to the Turkish Army. Its leaders decided which political leaders could be elected. However, in 2003, Recep Erdogan, and his Justice and Development Party took control of the government. Prime Minister Erdogan instituted a program that stripped the military of its power and ensured that civilians would control the government. However, his initial moderate Muslim centered government increasingly began to insist the Muslim religion should be a central feature of government. He became increasingly dictatorial in behavior and actions.

Several months ago, police in Istanbul tapped Erdogan’s phones as part of an investigation of corruption. Yesterday, about twenty policemen were arrested for the crime of illegal wire tapping even though their illegal act had uncovered illegal acts of the prime minister. I wonder how our Supreme Court would handle this case?

Ho Hum, Another Day Of Violence

I sometimes wonder if there ever was a day on this planet since those creatures named, Cro-Magnon, finally appeared on the scene of “civilization?” Select any place on this planet and some form of violence and killing is proceeding just about every day.

1. Rockets were fired from Gaza so missiles were fired from Israel. I assume some people were either wounded or killed, but who these days keeps counts of the slaughter of humans.

2. In Nigeria, Boko Haram seized another village, killing men and kidnapping women. There is no question the Nigerian Army is the best fighting force in this world that opposes any form of shooting of the enemy. If you want to be safe and secure from soldiers, just confront some Nigerian soldiers.

3. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan witnessed about 50,000 protesters swarming through the streets and headed for Parliament. They believe the last presidential election was fixed. Frankly, I am bewildered. Did anyone expect an honest election or counting of votes in Pakistan?

So, why bother you with further examples of another day of peace on planet Earth.

Barack Obama, Enemy Of Politicians

There is scant doubt that Barack Obama does not enjoy the dirty world of politics. He intends to stand above, away and beyond any connection with “politics” and trades and giving politicians something for their vote. After all, he is the PRESIDENT. Unfortunately for Barack Obama he never studied the history of successful American presidents. Abraham Lincoln traded laws for votes, how else the 14th Amendment getting through Çongress. Need a new Post Office in your district, OK, but you must vote for my law. Franklin Roosevelt spent time each day talking with members of Congress, identifying which bills they needed to be passed in order to continue in office. In exchange for his largess the Congressman votes for the bill desired by the President. Lyndon Johnson needed Republican votes to pass the Civil Rights bill which granted equal rights to minorities and women, he go them by working to meet their political needs. The essential task of American presidents is to think about members of Congress and what they need in order to continue in office.

Failure on the part of Obama to adopt this attitude is part of his problems with Congress. Few Democrats in Congress have ever enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss political needs with their president. After all, a President is leader of his political office. Barack Obama has never understood that concept. He remains aloof from the dirty world of politics, and this is a piece of the puzzle for his terrible relations with Republicans–and Congressional Democrats! He is among the most inept political Presidents in our history.

Sorry, Barack, a great President is a great political leader!

Let’s ‘ Help Clayton, Missouri Children

Not too far from the violence in Ferguson, Missouri lies the city of Clayton, Missouri which is among the most wealthy suburban areas in America. Clayton lies next to Washington University and its marvelous medical facilities so if one gets ill, wonderful doctors are on the way. Hungry? The average income in Clayton is about $80,000 a year. So, how come Clayton is not enjoying a few nights of violence and looting? Why have Clayton teenagers been deprived of the joy of running through the streets shouting curses and grabbing whatever they desire from local stores? There is something very discriminatory in refusing to allow upper middle class kids the right to riot and loot!

America needs an Equal Opportunity Law that provides each and every wealthy kid the right to have a Riot Opportunity at least once a year. Why can poor kids riot and yell and demand their riots, but wealthy children, instead of enjoying some healthy physical opportunities are stuck in their room studying for an exam? After all, during the 1960s children of wealth could march, and shout, and demand rights. It is time to insist that modern middle and wealthy kids got time off from studying to engage in vigorous physical activities.

No more books, no more teacher dirty looks, let me book a place in the riot crowd!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “I Can Teach You Dirty Stuff”

I am a member of the Republican Party.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Catholic Schools On Strike”

Holy Mary! What next? God!

new Zealand, New Zealand Star: “Pedestrian Hurt By Train”

So, is the train OK?

Turkey, Hurriyet: “You’re Not Worth My Shoe”

My pants, yes, not my shoe!

USA, aol: “Life Is Still Beautiful”

We have nasty congressional elections this fall, but just wait to the presidential one in 2016!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Convoy Vanishes On Road To Ukraine”

I trust it was led by President Putin.

Sweden, Local: “Football Therapy For Homeless”

Hungry? Throw some footballs!