Don’t Mess With The Man!

A major problem in Russia, Ukraine and the world is President Putin’s complete and absolute control over all aspects of the government. He has no institution or people able to check this power, and thus the bully man so enjoys speaking to the world in tones that insist it is either his way or no way. Speaking before a pro-Kremlin youth camp, the boss made clear, that “Russia is a one of the leading nuclear powers,” and “it is best not to mess with us.” In any language these words are a threat, but hopefully, not a promise. Putin has decided what will take place in Ukraine, and it that government either agrees with his decision or it faces the prospect of more Russian soldiers entering the country.

What then for the world?

1. The European Union and the United States of America must announce a complete boycott of the purchase of goods from Russia as well as the sale of such products.

2. The United States must admittedly announce it will sell oil to European nations as well as gas.

3. Both the US and the European Union must cease allowing planes to fly to Russia or allow passengers from that country to land in their countries.

4. Leaders of China, the US, and the European Union must meet with an open agenda. Make clear to Putin that no force will be employed against Russia, but that country will become an isolated entity in the world. No sanctions will be lifted if Russia forces its way into eastern Ukraine.

Make Putin explain economic chaos to his business community!

Warning Levels Hit SEVERE

The nation of Great Britain has a schemata of levels of Danger to its security. Prime Minister David Cameron has now raised it to the SEVERE stage in light of actions by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. This is an excellent idea and we propose the following schemata for Americans who are concerned about the level of danger to their lives:

1. No Level of Danger: Any level of higher taxes for the upper 1%.

2. Modest Level of Danger: Having Governor Rick Perry run for any political office.

3. Worrisome Level of Danger: Barack Obama explains his foreign policy in the Middle East or Anywhere.

4. Red Level of Danger: Republicans gain control of the Senate this year.

5. Severe Level of Danger: Being a black skinned American walking along the street–Anywhere in America!

John Rizzo On Torture

In a recent interview with Der Spiegel, John Rizzo who worked in the CIA from 1976 to 2009 made clear to the world that he is proud of “enhanced interrogation” procedures. Rizzo claimed that he was part of the group that met with incoming President Barack Obama in order to make clear what they were doing with captured terrorists. “He reviewed the operations and found them to be effective and valuable.” Naturally, this is a view by Rizzo, and we have yet to hear from President Obama whether this interpretation was an accurate rendition of his views in 2009. Rizzo claimed he was somewhat surprised at the reaction of Obama since he was rather critical of Bush procedures during the campaign of 2008.

Rizzo makes clear, “I was certainly an architect of the interrogation program” and continues to be proud of his efforts. After all, “there has been no second attack on American soil.” In other words, we water boarded people, they confessed, and this is the reason why there was no second attack. Of course, there is possibly another interpretation. Perhaps, al-Qaeda never had plans for a second attack. Perhaps, it was a one shot effort by an organization lacking in the capability of making a second assault. Perhaps, the United States over estimated capabilities of this organization from day one after September 11?

The history of al-Qaeda has yet to be written or even understood. There is no question that President George Bush lacked any grasp of the Middle East or of its religious differences. Why did he invade Iraq, a nation ruled by secular, anti-religious brutal dictator, Saddam Hussein? Of course, he could have invaded religious fanatics in Saudi Arabia who were funding terrorist groups, but that would have impacted our oil supplies. Perhaps, we tortured the wrong people?

President Obama’s Suit Main Issue

The President of the United States of America held a press conference in order to discuss issues of the world. Many in the audience were particularly drawn to the attire and appearance of the president. He had a nice tan, he wore a light beige suit along with a white shirt and a taupe striped tie. After these important issues were discussed, members of the media then listened carefully to the president of the most powerful nation in the world declaim upon issues in the Middle East. OH, he was asked about his policy in the Middle East. Following are his words of wisdom:

“I don’t want to put the cart before the horse.” I trust all are clear on this point.

“We don’t have a strategy.” I trust all Americans are pleased to know their leader lacks a strategy.

“We can rout ISIS on the ground and keep a lid on things temporarily, but as soon as we leave, the same problems are going to return.”

Gee, that is reassuring.

He warned Middle Eastern nations that it is time for a “wake up call” and they are the ones who must defeat ISIS.

Of course, our wonderful friend, Saudi Arabia, has been financing for decades this and that terrorist group because its leaders fear any sort of democratic process for Muslim people.

OH, beginning after Labor Day, the president, like most Americans, can shift to wearing dark suits. In other word, our foreign policy in the Middle East is to wear dark suits once again.

Explaining Pakistan-Simply!

Let me explain to any and all Americans the presence in this world of a nation that is known as: PAKISTAN.

1. Pakistan is an independent nation located in southeast Asia.

2. It has a government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

3. It has General Rahed Sharif who heads the armed forces.

4. There is no family connection between Rahed and Nawaz.

5. There has been a civil war raging in Pakistan since before any reader was born.

6. Imran Khan is a famous person who used to play cricket and now wants to play prime minister.

7. Naturally, General Sharif met with him to discuss politics.

8. Muslim terrorists daily blast this or that Pakistan city.

9. The people of Pakistan have absolutely no idea what their army does other than meet with politicians.

10. But, the people of Pakistan know their army does not enjoy meeting or taking orders from the prime minster.

To sum up, terrorist wander the cities of Pakistan killing folk while Muslim insurgents blast away in rural areas.

To sum up, for members of the armed forces, most soldiers should be stationed on the border with India since no terrorists are coming from that direction.

I assume you now understand Pakistan. I don’t!

Comrade Putin Speaks

This blog has been able to obtain an exclusive interview with our beloved Comrade Vladimir Putin who was speaking from the inner sanctum of the Kremlin.

M: So, Comrade Putin, how do you respond to Western claims that Russian troops are now in Ukraine?

P: Gallant courageous young men from our beloved Russia heard there were Nazi troops on our border, they did the only thing a patriot could do-they are standing up for freedom

M: But, do they have the right to enter another nation?

P: The people of Ukraine are really Russians at heart, they called out for our boys, and our boys came to their rescue.

M: But, Ukraine is a separate nation.

P: I have been forced by the fascists in Ukraine to aid the people of Ukraine secure their freedom.

M: But, the Ukraine army is fighting to unite their country.

P: And, we Russians are fighting to free the people of Ukraine from Nazi Fascists!

M: But, you could create a war in Europe.

P: Then again, we could go to the Arctic and secure control over this area.

M: Huh? What does the Arctic have to do with Ukraine?

P: You are one not so bright person. We will take control of Arctic, and then the Ukraine.

M: And, what comes after that?

P: My dream: THE WORLD!


We offer observations from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Once Americans reached the Moon, today we can’t build a bridge across the Hudson River.

Elderly folk take time studying the check.

He devours food while she orders it. An American love story.

Mental paralysis is more crippling than physical.

For a child to clutch mom’s hand is to clutch God.

If Christ returned today, would he be for the 1%?

If one does not love self, one cannot love another.

Handouts for teacher represent security.

Girl purses grow smaller each year.

Age stiffens body, hopefully not the mind.

Dog’s should not be allowed in restaurants, sorry that is a dog’s life.

Child eats, mom fiddles with computer, and Rome burns.

I never go to see a film with a “warm story.” They chill my heart.

I have never seen a Mexican worker eating alone.

What Now Russia?

I am of Russian origin, and long felt proud for the role of Russian soldiers and civilians in the war to crush Nazi Germany. During the 1940s, the people of Russia fought against tyranny in their cities, in their plains and in their forests. Millions died in the battle to protect Ukraine from Nazi invaders. However, today, the silence of Russians is reflects a generation that has been cowed into being cowards. There are now Russian troops inside Ukraine aiding separatists. Hardly a day goes by without another lie from President Putin. Today’s lie is that any Russians inside Ukraine went there on their own decision. At least a thousand are fighting along side separatists. Ukraine forces captured nine Russian paratroopers only to be told there are no Russian troops who could possible be in Ukraine.

Exiled Russian businessman, Michael Khorordovsky was blunt in his appeal to his fellow Russians. “Our authorities are always lying, in the 80s about Afghanistan, in the 90s about Chechnya, and now about Ukraine. Why are we remaining silent? Have we become cowards? Are we scared of even thinking now?”

I regret to admit, my Russian people can only utter the silence of the lambs.

All Quiet On Ferguson Front?

One hundred years ago in August, 2014 the Guns of August signified opening of World War I. The Guns of August in 2014 signified opening of the battle for Ferguson, Missouri. As with August, 1914, the battle commenced with death of a person at the hands of a man holding a gun. In 2014, the man with the gun was a government employee while the victim was just another street dweller who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In both cases, mass hysteria followed the shooting. In 1914, huge crowds marched in city streets shouting their desire for revenge, for war, and the joy of battle. In 2014, crowds marched through streets chanting hatred toward the government of Ferguson, Missouri. Ironically, those shouting anger represented two thirds of the city, but they never had any interest in running the city. Marchers preferred being run than doing the running and policing.

So, for the moment there is All Quiet On The Ferguson Front. A major issue yet to be decided is whether black inhabitants of this city desire to take it back from white bigots by voting in the next city election? If they do, if they gain control of Ferguson, then black inhabitants will dwell in a city run by themselves! I wonder if they will vote?

Naled For Manhood

There are unconfirmed reports from Sara Goodwill, our roving correspondent who reports on National Football League events that trouble is brewing in the locker room of the St. Louis Ram team. NO, it has nothing to do with shootings in Ferguson, Missouri. A much more critical racial and sexual battle has commenced in the locker room. Michael Sam, the first, and, allegedly only representative of the gay community seeks employment as a tight end. Naturally, if one wants to become a tight end, it also means their end must be firm, tight, and untouched by male hands. Members of the St. Louis Ram team have not been discussing shooting in the St. Louis area, but a much more critical issue–should members of the St. Louis Ram team shower in the same area where Sam showers? This dilemma has raised several issues:

1. Are players allowed to whirl their towel in the direction of Sam’s lower extremities?

2. If a bar of soap falls to the ground, are Ram players allowed to reach down and expose their rear end if Sam is in the vicinity?

3. Is a Ram player allowed to be completely naked in the shower if Sam is close by?

I am fully aware that football players hug and kiss one another after a touchdown, but what is the proper response to this event if Sam is present? These are THE issues confronting St. Louis in August, 2014!