Send In The Yanks!

It was simply a  matter of time before President Obama finally caved into Republican macho attitudes about sending in Americans to fight in Syria and once more in Iraq. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter told a Congressional committee that we are sending in a US “expeditionary force  to target Islamic  rebels in Iraq and Syria.” There was  mention of a few thousand new troops going into war zones. So,what will happen:

US troops enter battles.

Some US troops are killed in battles.

Republicans demand more troops to protect the troops who are already there.

So, more troops enter and then more troops and then more and more.

I believe the American people have heard this story in Vietnam, in Afghanistan, in Iraq….

Oh Them Warlike Muslims!

Tony Abbbott was the former prime minister of Australia and he has some strong feelings about Muslims. “I’ve often  heard western leaders describe Islam as a religion of peace. I wish  more Muslim leaders would say that more often and mean it.” He definitely believes if Australia would only ban Muslim women from wearing the burqa peace would reign.

I wonder if he also wants nuns to cease wearing their head coverings or Jews who wear the yarmulka? Yes, there has been wars caused by Muslims. Then again:

Christian Nazi Germany murdered over 35,000,000 people during WWII.

Catholic Italy murdered hundreds of thousands of Africans in their wars in Africa. They, like their German friends, raped and pillaged at will.

Then again, hundreds of thousands in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews, and these people were Christians.

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler were born as Catholics and died as Catholics.

So, what about the Christian religion??

Republicans Go After ISIS

Republicans seeking the presidency of the United States are angry and want action to wipe out terrorism. We offer their ideas to attain peace in the Middle East.

Carly Fiorina: I am one tough broad. You guys don’t know who you are messing with when it comes to being the toughest gun slinger on the block. I fired 20,000 people without giving it one moment of concern, and I can fire the whole lot of you when I make the shit to fly over your heads!

Donald Trump:  I got a Great Plan. I got a Great Idea, and when Donald Trump says he has a Great Idea, watch out for action. I intend to build a Great Wall that will put you guys in a Giant Prison and guess who will be the Great Warden of that jail!

Jeb Bush: Things happen. Things happen and when I make them happen to you bad, bad, people you will be very, very sorry. My dad was a war hero in WWII, and my brother created his own war, so you bad people had better watch out when Jeb gets rolling! Just remember what I said: Things happen and guess who is going to have something happen to them?

Ben Carson: I am the only Republican candidate who actually knows what blood looks like when it is fresh. I have used my knife to cut into people and I can use my knife to cut into all you bad people. Just remember, I am called Two Blade Carson for good reasons!


We offer observations on the human condition from a25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if there are any  groups of people to whom Donald Trump does NOT have fantastic relationships with?

There are moments when Marco Rubio does not have a clue as to what he should be saying.

Is Lindsay Graham still in the race for president?

Carly Fiorina has become the poor woman’s version of bombastic Trump.

Then again, Carly always comes across as determined that she is always right!

I would so enjoyed watching his advisors show Ben Carson the location of Jordan on a map.

Ted Cruz has a dream, being a sheriff in a western town and gunning down the bad guys.

Donald And Black Ministers

We do know that Donald Trump DID meet with a group of black ministers in hope they would finally recognize that Donald Trump is the best friend that black Americans have among political leaders. Donald felt “there was great love in the room” of evangelical ministers once they came into direct contact with the man who  has great love for all humans–except for those Hispanic ones. Donald felt the meeting was “amazing” and he would receive endorsements from one and all of these black dudes.

“I was told  it was an endorsement. I have fantastic relationships with people, but I think pressure was  put on them.” As of this point, we do not know who or what was the source of this “pressure.” Of course, his statement that 81% of white people being killed by black killers sort of might have, angered a few ministers, given the FBI says the real figure is 15%.

Putin Needs A Friend

These days things are  not looking good for Vladimir Putin. He does not have a  friend in any nation in Europe, he does not have a friend in the Western Hemisphere, he does have some sort of relationship with China, but there are simply no friends around the shores of Asian nations. Yes, he does have a friend in Israel. Then again, making friends with Israel is akin to having the person most disliked being your buddy.

Vladimir used to have a friend in Turkey whose president, Recep Erdogan was the Putin of the Middle East. So, what  happened? A Turkish plane shot down a Russian plane. According to Putin, “we have received additional data which confirms that the Islamic State(ISIS)” was selling oil to Turkey.

Let me get this straight: Turkey is our ally in the fight against ISIS and Turkey is buying oil from ISIS. Now, we know why Turkey would rather bomb the Kurds than ISIS!

Bibi Finds A Friend

The European Union is upset at produce coming from the West Bank in what actually belongs to Palestine, but these days God, Himself, has made clear that HE wants the land to go to his chosen people. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs some friends and along came Russian President Vladimir Putin to help him out. Their joint hate of Islamic terrorists has forged a nice buddy alliance.

Netanyahu: “This is something  that brings us together, in addition to the many other things  that unite us.” Let me list those other things

1. Both ignore civil rights of those they deem to be “bad people.”

2. Both claim land that belongs to another nation.

3. Both insist that God is on their side.

4.Both  are bullies –at heart.

Don’t Water The Pigs

Anita Krajinc lives in Toronto and she is an animal activist seeking decent treatment of animals prior to having them killed so we humans can have some meat. A tractor trailer halted for a traffic light on its way to deliver the pigs to their deaths when she approached the driver and asked if she could give the pigs some water.

“Jesus said if they are thirsty, give them water.”

Driver: “You know what? They are not humans, you dumb fucking broad.”

The pigs did arrive at their death destination but Ms. Krajinch is being held on criminal charges about some water.

Planned Parenthood At Fault!

There is a man named Robert Lee Dear and he has become dear to the hearts of Republicans seeking the presidency.

Carly Fiorina:  “There go the liberals again, demonizing the victim rather than those who cut  up baby body parts. OK, so Mr. Dear went a bit too far, but examine how far went Planned Parenthood!”

Jeb Bush on the killings: “Things happen, they just happen. It is time to move on and quit dwelling in the past.”

Ted Cruz: “How about focusing upon the hundreds, no thousands, of babies cut up and their body parts sold for money!”

Marco Rubio: “My folks made the long journey from Cuba and they opposed abortion. Fidel Castro makes this killer come across as a saint!”

Ben Carson: “As a member of the medical profession I am quite familiar with body parts. I do not think it is correct to carve up baby body parts.”

Donald Trump: “If elected I will build walls to block off entry to any Planned Parenthood clinic!”


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Canberra Times:  “Cash Appointed Minister”

I assume this means there will always be money at hand.

France, Connexion: “Police Appeal For Bomber Identity”

The least the bomber can do is tell them, they DID say, Please!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Surge In Interest In Army”

Not from those running for office in America!

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Very Popular Discussion”

Among Republicans it is always the faults of President Obama.

USA, Newsday:  “Pleads Guilty Goes To Jail”

Not if he works on Wall Street!