We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Never allow a child to go to sleep with anger in their heart.

Always be the guardian of love.

If you cannot do something research a way to do it.

Holidays have lost historic meaning.

I distance myself in coffee shops from people.

Within each human exists a dungeon of hate and anger, never open that door.

For some their life companion is their iPad.

These days couples grow alike in body size.

I feel awkward if there are new staff in my coffee shop.

One must accept defeat for the moment to win, eventually.

The Ferguson Five

Like Millions of Americans I spent the past few evenings watching mobs loot and burn the city of Ferguson, Missouri. Actually, to be more accurate, they were destroying those areas of Ferguson in which those with black skins lived and worked. I was shocked at the images of looters entering a market and running away with liquor and food. No police were in sight, not National Guards were in sight, it was first come and first served. I wondered at the absence of any armed force to prevent this looting. Five men are responsible for what occurred during this destruction of Ferguson, Missouri.

1. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. He issued his report at 8:00 p.m. when people were wandering the streets of Ferguson. He should have issued the report in the early morning when people were asleep. For the moment I will ignore his failure as a prosecutor to present the case to the Grand Jury, which is the norm.

2. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles who allowed the existence of a police force that did not represent the people of his city.

3. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson who created a white force lacking training.

4. St. Louis County Police Chief James Bellow who should have rounded up a few hundred more cops.

5. Governor Jay Nixon who failed to send in two thousand National Guardsmen immediately.

The looting and burning could have been avoided!

Russian Dreams Linger On

The capacity of the human mind to ignore reality has always amazed me. In Nazi Germany people did their best to ignore that their nation had embarked on a program that was leading to war and destruction because most people just love the histrionics of Adolf Hitler. Today in Russia, the public has decided to wipe from their minds the reality of what is occurring inside their nation. Reality: Prices on goods are rising, the economy is heading towards a recession, jobs are being lost, the ruble has declined to the lowest rate of exchange with US dollars in history, but most Russians are convinced there are no sanctions, and their beloved Great Leader, Vladimir Putin has everything under control. Poll after poll reveals that Russians overwhelmingly support this petty ruler and actually believe that Nazis now control the government in Ukraine.

Then again, I live in the United States of America, a nation in which most who recently voted supported those who have made life worse for the average American. Americans, like Russians, want the government to give them goodies, but they support those who seek to reduce their Social Security or damage the ability of people to obtain health care. Russians are no different than Americans in their capacity to ignore reality and dream on about a world that does not exist.

Blow Up Houses To Display Power

Mohamed Abu Jamal is not anyone that those reading this blog know or will ever know. He is an elderly man who once had a son. The son is now dead. Together with his cousin, his son, Ghassan took a gun and meat cleavers to a synagogue where they brutally murdered five people in Jerusalem because they were Jews. The Israel government has a policy of responding to the murder of Jews in Israel, it simply blows up the homes of parents since, naturally, the innocent parent is responsible for the actions of their children. Mohamed will now only lose his home, but his means of work and will be expelled from the city of Jerusalem in which he has lived all his life. I assume the theory of this action is that if you raise a son who kills then you must be punished. I have no idea as to whether or not Mr. Jamal believes in hatred towards Jews, frankly, that is of no importance since he made the mistake of raising a son who committed a murder –of a Jew. By the way, if a Jew in Israel kills a Muslim no home is destroyed.

How about:

1. Asking Mr. Jamal to join with other parents of those who kill the innocent and work for peace and reconciliation?

2. Establishing a law that punishes blowing up the home of those who murder, regardless of their religion?

Bad Guys CAN Win

I have now reached the age of 84 meaning that during my life there has been a world war, war in Vietnam, war in the Middle East, and God knows where else that good people have been murdered because some folks were convinced that God or some other power was on their side. Naturally, those who murder are always convinced that killing the innocent is simply behaving in a logical manner because if those without power are allowed to possess power, it is simply the beginning of the end of sanity. It has now been several weeks since thousands took to the streets of Hong Kong in pursuit of some basic rights. Actually, the protesters simply wanted to be able to vote for the person of their choice in the so called, “election” that the Chinese government allowed to take place. Of course, it was no election, more in the nature of a dictate imposed upon the people of Hong Kong by the men who rule China.

At this moment, the streets of Hong Kong do not display thousands marching with banners demanding the right to vote. The bad guys are in power, and from now on, march and face some years in prison. Frankly, this is normally what occurs when people are powerless. Those with power invariably win the game of who makes decisions. Was it worth the display of protest? Yes, protest may now win today, but there is always tomorrow!

Daren Wilson On Darren Wilson

I assume by now most people have watched and heard police officer Darren Wilson explain his actions on the day that he shot Michael Brown. Darren comes across as a very young man, a sincere young man, but one who has limited capacity to reflect and reconsider. When asked by interviewers if, upon reflection, he now thinks there might have been other approaches to handling the encounter with Brown, his only, and consistent response is NO. As one observes his face, it lacks any emotion when handling the question, his voice is flat, and he simply says, NO. How about:

1. Hey, boys, please walk on the sidewalks.

2. Immediately call headquarters to report the boys.

3. Step outside the police car and offer something to the two boys such as: “Are you guys OK? Is there anything that I could do?

4. In other words, reduce tension, that is always the best approach when encountering young men.

5. There was always the option to employ mace.

6. Finally, there was the option to aim your damned weapon at the legs of Michael Brown.

Post Mortem Now Begins

Politicians enjoy being politicians just as some of us enjoy being business executives of workers in a car plant, we devote an incredible amount of our waking hours thinking about what we do to earn a few bucks. So, it is not surprising that Democrat Senator Charles Schumer is now reflecting on what went wrong from day one of the Obama administration. Schumer is a tough political animal, and quite aware that Republicans from day one of the Obama administration had only one goal in mind-how to thwart the new President and create chaos. Obviously, that was going to happen, so how might Obama have anticipated and avoided the consequences of a band of fanatics out to destroy his goals? Scuhmer now argues the focus on health care rather than on economic issues facing the average American should have been the focus of a new administration that assumed power at a time of economic disaster.

Some of Obama’s aides urged that he study the manner in which Franklin Roosevelt approached handling the Great Depression. Sorry Barack, Social Security came two years after he assumed office. HIs initial focus was clear–deal with the bank crisis, and get people back to work. He took office in those days in March. By July, FOUR MILLION WERE WORKING ON GOVERNMENT JOBS TO REBUILD OUR INFRASTRUCTURE. He blasted business for creating the crisis while Obama appointed Wall Street folks to handle the crisis. By the way, this blog urged a focus on JOBS AND BANKS in January, 2009. That was the great Obama mistake!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “McDonald’s Reopens In Moscow”

I can guarantee it will soon close because Putin is upset at Obama!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Do Not Stop Migrant Boats”

After all, the same ones that brought your ancestors.

USA, aol: “Cleveland Boy Shot”

Sorry, this is not new news, after all he was twelve and black with a toy gun!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Cyclist Hit By Car”

After an operation, the car is doing well.

Sweden, Local: “Police Seek Help In Sexual Assault”

I will do anything in my power to aid cops who are sexually assaulted!

Putin Offers Advice

There is one certainty in life, if one is seeking to read a stupid comment, just dial in to the Moscow Times for the latest statement about life from our Beloved Leader, Vladimir Putin. He so enjoys engaging in verbal judo, at which he considers himself to be a master. The Syrian Foreign Minister, Waid al-Moualem visited Moscow since there are few other capitals that would have a welcome mat for him. Naturally, he received hugs and kisses from Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and the Great Man himself. Putin wanted to make clear to all nations of the world, “we share the view that the main factor driving the situation in the Middle East is the terrorist threat. Russia will support Syria in countering this threat.” Let me get this clear:

1. The initial violence in Syria arose when people wanted human rights.

2. Good buddy Bashar decided the only human rights in Syria belonged to him.

3. Being a close ally of Putin meant that Assad acted like his mentor-kill anyone who dares opposing you!

Such began the madness in Syria, and such remains the madness in Russia for those seeking democratic rights.

Where Are The Leaders?

I was a man in his thirties when the decade of the sixties arrived and thus was intellectually and emotionally sensitive to what occurred. During the sixties there were numerous black leaders on the scene ranging from Martin Luther King to Malcolm X and great writers such as Ralph Ellison or James Baldwin or even student leaders like Stokely Carmichael. During the past few nights I have yet to see an important black leader engaged in the fight for human rights. Then again, I have yet to see someone with a white skin assuming the mantle of leadership. Sorry, Barack, you just do not come across as a leader of “black people.” During the past few nights our society has lacked any semblance of leadership from religious or political areas of America. Martin Luther King on his marches walked arm in arm with Jewish and Christian leaders as well as union fighters for social justice as Walter Reuther.

Where have people of these background gone? Where were the Catholic and Protestant ministers? Where were the Rabbis? Where were the political leaders of our society? Most probably home watching CNN and then retiring for a good night’s sleep. Our society is leaderless. Again, sorry, Barack but at this moment you have lost any semblance of being a leader. Did you check with Valerie about what to say last night??