We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “Patient Gets Artificial Heart”

I trust his name was Ted Cruz!

Sweden, Local: “Let Kids Be Kids”

No kidding!

Norway, Norway Post: “Mr. Irrelevant”

Ah, that his name was Sheldon Adelson!

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Don’t Lose Sight Of Big Picture”

What our attitude should be in negotiating with Iran.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Sex Crazed Chicken Terrifies Family”

I award three clucks to this story!

Sanction Myths

The Republican party is united upon one idea and most Democrats agree with this idea– the only way to handle Iran is to continue imposing sanctions upon this nation. I wonder if anyone has explained to members of Congress that Iran has been subject to drastic sanctions for years. Let me get this straight– the world has subjected Iran to very severe sanctions and as a result the Iranian nuclear program continues to exist. The world has carried out exactly what Republicans and Democrats want to do– subject Iran to severe sanctions. In other words, WE HAVE BEEN SUBJECTING IRAN TO SANCTIONS AND THEH CONTINUE TO DEVELOP NUCLEAR PROGRAMS! Let me make even clearer why carrying out the ideas of Congress simply will not halt nuclear progress in Iran:

1. Dear old Vladimir Putin would just love to become the savior of Iran and make certain the Iran government becomes his close associate. Republicans can force President Obama to do what they desire, but Putin can argue that he supported negotiations but they were sabotaged by the USA!

2. China can make a similar argument and cooperate with Iran on grounds an agreement wAS reached but the US undermined the agreement.

I could readily name other nations such as Turkey or India which might assist Iran.


Turkish President Explains How To Prevent ISIS

Until the advent to power of President Recep Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party, the Muslim nation of Turkey had created a balance between civil rights and religious rights. Although a majority of Muslims in Turkey are Sunni there are minor Muslim groups, Christians and Jews along with a sizable number of Muslims who are really not that religious. Once assuming power Erdogan did end the power of the Turkish military to interfere in the political process. However, he also moved to impose greater and greater religious ideas throughout the school system, the judiciary, and the world of politics. With each passing day there are steady changes in Turkey such as imposing required religious classes in school which are controlled by imams who support the government.

President Erdogan issued a challenge to his political enemies and argued the reason there was no ISIS or Boko Haram was due to his fight to expand religious education and practice in Turkey. One has nothing to do with the other. Turkish Muslims inhabit a society with a booming economy and have no interest in crazy imams urging a jihad or suicide bombers. Create a dynamic economy, have the semblance of democracy and few seek ISIS.

National Front Glory Days Are Over

The National Front is a political party that was formed in France over sixty years ago by a man named, Jean Marie Le Pen. His initial goal in life was to prove there was no Holocaust and the entire episode was created by Jews in order to get money from Christians by making them feel guilty over the alleged killing of Jews. His explanation as to what happened to the six million Jews who no longer were around ranged from they were in South America or had gone to New York or were now living peacefully in Israel. He insisted the right course for French people during WW II was to have been an ally of Nazi Germany and fought to defeat the Soviet Union. The years passed and Mr. Le Pen grew older and older. However, he had a daughter named, Marine who decided to take over the party, end the nonsense about denying the Holocaust and transform the National Front into the leading opponent of Muslims who lived in France. Heck, she even got some French Jews to join this party of hate.

Unfortunately for Marine, dad could not keep his big mouth shut and once again began to argue that supporting Adolf Hitler was the right idea. Marine has now thrown dad out of the National Front and he is going to organize another party and seeks any and all Nazis still alive to join his fight against communism.

I wonder if anyone has informed Mr. Le Pen there is no longer a Soviet Union?


When the folks at Fox News are not fostering crazy ideas about the planet Earth and insisting that Barney Ruble and the Flintstones lived a few thousand years ago, they devote the entire energy of what passes for a news network in the effort to prove that those with black skins secretly plot to murder the white folks of this nation. On Monday, a Fox News reporter, Mike Tobin, said that a cop shot a black man who was running down the street. One can assume the dream of Fox News is to create another storm of black protests so they can prove if your skin is black then you do not have any red, white and blue spirit as do all real Americans. Just what Baltimore needs, another shooting of a black person. It turned out that no such scene ever happened and –believe it or not–Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith apologized.

The real problem is that 24 hours day and night Fox News reports the opposite of news. They manufacture stories, present “experts” who know as much about science as I do about fixing a car–I know nothing. Millions of people observe this nonsense and wind up spouting conspiracy ideas or blaming any and all attacks upon innocent black people as arising from the way they look at a cop or the way they walk. Thankfully, not another riot. I imagine tonight Fox News folks will gather around discussing how to create more violence. After all, violence and hatred are the foundations of Fox News!

Black Helicopters Over Texas

There are moments in time when I desire for war to break out in the United States of America. The state of Texas is once again allowing paranoia to fill the air with cries that each and every Texan must stand up to fight for their rights against the tyranny that comes from Washington D.C. The US military is conducting exercises, just as the military does several times a year in various locations in the USA. But, for the maniacs who inhabit the state of Texas anything connected with the US government is merely part of a conspiracy to overthrow the people of Texas and reduce them to slavery. How about finally challenging the NRA in Texas for a shoot out between Special Services and the idiots who masquerade as real soldier? We can have the contest at high noon, the US military vs the Texas Rangers!

Texas receives billions of dollars from Washington D.C. since we have space programs located in that state and the entire budget comes from the evil GOVERNMENT. Frankly, anyone who claims that Washington D.C. is going to take away our rights by sending soldiers into Texas is stark raving mad! At this moment a majority in Congress is composed of Republicans who hate the Obama administration and the Supreme Court is controlled by conservatives. Do Texans really believe any US general would attack the state of Texas??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, aol: “Carly Florina: I Am Running For President”

Of which country?

Kenya, Nation: “Town House Turned Into Morgue”

So, what is new in Kenya these days?

UK,Guardian: “Teach Right From Wrong”

In the US Congress the slogan is teach wrong ideas as right ones.

France, Connexion: “Marriage For All”

Regardless of sex or being human?

Canada, Toronto Star: “American Bully”

His name is Ted Cruz!

Gaza Stories Are Not Pleasant

The Israel invasion of Gaza several months ago resulted in the deaths of over 2200 humans as well as under a hundred Israelis. Naturally, the Netanyahu government insisted that all care had been taken to avoid civilian casualties even though the vast majority of those who died were civilians lacking any form of weapons. Naturally, to question the word of Bibi Netanyahu is to display one form or another of hatred toward Jews and the state of Israel. If one is a Jew in America the expected behavior is to accept without any question any and all statements by the government of Israel as simply the word of God. After all,God promised the people of Israel possession of the West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and God knows what other lands in the Middle East. God wanders the universe with but one thought– how to ensure one little tribe of people land and wealth. The Guardian newspaper reported interview with about sixty Israel soldiers in which they claim their orders were to blast away and blast away without any regards for civilian life.

They were told: “we don’t take risks. We do not spare ammo. We unload and anything in Gaza is a threat.” I am certain the propaganda machine from AIPAC will prove that these statements were never expressed and that if they were it is clear some damn “liberals” who hate Jews and hate Israel were responsible for the comments. Israel is NEVER wrong. Just check with God.

Oh Well, It’s Just Texas!

Each passing day the state of Texas is witness to one form of bizarre behavior after another. It is a state in which the right to bring weapons of mass destruction into a church or school is depicted as one that our Founding Fathers fought for in their quest to break away from England. The US Army was conducting maneuvers only to discover the Governor of Texas warned the National Guard and state police to be on guard against an attempt by a foreign military to take over Texas and impose a dictatorship under the rule of one, Barack Obama. For some strange reason a group known as the American Freedom Defense Initiative decided to hold contest in which people drew cartoons about the prophet Muhammad! Huh?

Two men drove up to the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, and began firing at a security guard. Within a few moments they were dead and the guard wounded. This is yet another of the bizarre ways in which people who live in Texas behave. The strange thing is no one is surprised that people in Texas have nothing better to do with their time than to draw cartoons. There is always a new opportunity in Texas to use your gun in order to kill.

Death In Kabul

A young Afghan woman named Farkhundra was not the first Muslim female who died at the hand of some mob of fanatics who are ready to murder at the drop of a Koran. She was a university student and somehow in some way wound up being accused by some fanatics that she had burned a copy of the Koran. There is not a shred of evidence that she had anything to do with burning a copy of the Koran let alone evidence that any Koran was burned by anyone. Somehow, the cry was sounded that she had burned a Koran and within moments a crowd gathered and beat her, ran a car over her body, burned her and then threw her body into the Kabul River. This atrocity did not occur in some obscure village in Afghanistan, but in the heart of Kabul, the nation’s capital. So, where were the police? Oh, they either helped with the murder or simply observed events.

The government of Afghanistan has finally decided to put on trial those in the gang as well as 19 policemen. OK, there will be a trial, but what will be the outcome? The central issue facing women in Afghanistan is that if some agreement is reached with the Taliban, it will not include protecting the rights of women. They will continue facing the prospect of “honor killing” and lack of protection in their daily lives. Such is the outcome of the Bush war in Afghanistan.