We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “Fake Health Refunds”

At least this is one healthy way to make money.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Must See Attraction”

Trump and Putin together at a press conference.

USA, aol: “Unauthorized Drone Flights”

In the Middle East???

UK,Guardian: “Rich People Don’t Become Soldiers”

So, what’s new about this story?

Sweden, Local: “We Will Run This Country”

The Republican mantra of destruction.

The Immigration Issue

Unfortunately, in the real world we can not return to decisions made, and alter what has happened in history. We are stuck with the reality of the past as it impinges on the present. There is no doubt other policies could have been followed when the madness of the Syrian conflict initially began. The decision to invade Iraq initiated a vast gathering together of Muslim fanatics, but that was then, and today is now. It is now estimated that Germany, alone, will witness the arrival of about 800,000 immigrants this year. The seas around Europe now hold the bodies of thousands of men, women, and children, the unlucky ones who never got across the sea. So, what now?

1. Just about every European nation is witnessing the graying of their nation.

2. Just about every European nation needs young workers.

3. Immigrants are NOT a burden, they represent an opportunity for Europe to revitalize itself with youthful workers

4. Europe must initiate a vast worker training program and integrate these young people within their societies.

5. By the way, from 1880-1924, the United States absorbed 20,000,000 immigrants and thus grew wealthier.


There is a professor at West Point who has a rather unusual approach to securing peace in the Middle East. William Bradford has taught at law schools and seeks to provide West Point students with his interesting analysis of how to end conflict in this area of the world.He argues that attacking scholarly sites where Muslim leaders are and just blasting away with result in the death of those leaders and peace will result. He argues there are “attractive targetable sites at law schools” or where “dissenting scholars live” and they should be blasted into oblivion.

Let me get the straight, taking out Muslim scholars by airborne attacks somehow will lead to their death and peace. The real question is how did this nut case get on the West Point faculty in the first place. West Point simply could have asked Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld to be visiting scholars and get the same lecture.

P.S. Bradford decided to resign after this tirade.

Kim Davis Does Not Take A Stand

By now millions of Americans have heard about Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to those seeking a gay marriage. Kim insist that she is merely carrying out the ideas of God. I assume she had engaged in some sort of discussion with the Big Guy in the sky. I assume it is now OK for me to insist that it violates my religion to pay taxes. God does not have any taxes in Heaven so paying taxes violates one of his fundamental universal laws.

Well, it turns out that Kim who refuses to issue gay marriage licenses had no qualms in issuing a marriage license to a transgender man who proceeded to marry a woman. Camryn Cohen entered her office in February.”She took me at my face value and judged the book by its cover.” I fear for the life of Kim. She just violated the laws of God and I assume a thunder bolt is headed her way.

Jindal Says Republicans Got Suckered!

Frankly at this point in time it is doubtful if 5% of the American people even know who Bobby Jindal is, let alone care about him and his ideas. Well, Bobby just had to make the evening news at Fox so he came up with a new approach to the Iranian deal. “I think the President got conned by the Iranians,and the President then conned the Senate. The Senate Republicans turned it on its head so it only takes 34 votes to save the bad deal with Iran.”

When asked which or what alternative he had in mind, Bobby responded:

We need a better deal.

We need to con the Iranians.

We need to do the opposite of what the guy from Africa wants.

Actually,the response was total and complete silence.

It is bad enough to imagine President Trump, jus think what President Jindal would be!!

What Trump Means To Russia!

This is a tale of two men who display traits and behavior to the world which makes them come across as brothers in bullshit.

1. Each is the epitome of self confidence. They never met a problem they could not solve in one minute.

2. They are both direct and “tell it as it is.”

3. They both are outspoken to whomever is around.

4. They both insist following them as leaders restores pride to the nation.

5. Both dislike any and all mainstream ideas or people.

Naturally, their names are Trump and Putin. President Trump wants Russia and the world to know: “I would be willing to bet I would have a great relationship with Putin.”

Imagine a world led by Putin and Trump!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I heard there is a barber who wants to enter the Republican race, he is the only one who knows how to cut hair.

Ben Carson is the Clarence Thomas of politics.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the guns were aimed at the NRA?

We Americans do not lead the world in health, but we sure do in death.

Once upon a time America built great highways, bridges and dams, but that was then.

So Obama changed the name of a mountain, now we have proof he was born in Kenya!

So how come Bibi Netanyahu is not running for President, heck, he is involved in our political system.

Death Does Not Take A Holiday

There is definitely two certainties in the United States of America, a black skinned youth will get shot and a cop will get shot. The killing police continues with the death of a Chicago area policeman who was pursing a car and wound up murdered by three unknown men. Recent figures reveal rises in murders in cities such as Milwaukee, Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago and even New York. The trend is for a rise of about 8% in these cities. The question is why?

1. Guns, guns, guns. America is filled with guns and anyone and everyone can get one.

2. Social media enables young boys to readily know who is insulting them and what else could an offender person do but blast away.

3. Visit any inner city neighborhood and one sees unemployed youth hanging around and the end result is they eventually will turn on one another and blast away

4. We are a nation that refuses to offer meaningful work to those at the bottom of the economic structure and for many of those in that place, shooting a weapon gives them a sense of meaning.

Uber Alles Not Certain

Uber is the ultimate result of modern society. Here is an organization which does not own anything, does not hire workers, and earns millions of dollars. Such an organization could only emerge because of social media. I offer Uber my car, I pay for gas, I pay for maintenance and Uber makes money by not doing anything other than enabling me to find customers. However, there are those who “work for Uber” who have decided they are being exploited. They are instituting legal action in which they hire lawyers in order to make Uber pay for something.

Judge Edward Chen is allowing drivers who “work for Uber” to proceed with their legal action. They want Uber to treat them as employees and pay for gas, pay for car maintenance, and pay for health benefits. How did such an organization arise which uses the labor, the cars, the intelligence of workers without paying a damn penny!

Closer To Iran Treaty

Throughout America Jewish groups such as AIPAC are spreading fear and hate in order to halt a major step toward peace in the Middle East. Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Senator Chris Coons of Delaware are the latest to tell AIPAC to mind its own business and allow the world to gain peace in the Middle East. Those opposing the Iran agreement ignore this is NOT an American agreement.It is an agreement that is supported by six major nations. If the fear mongers have their way, the United States would have difficulties in the past reaching any agreement with another nation. We would become ignored on the stage of international diplomacy.

What if America follows the Bibi Netanyahu fear?

1. The US would have to attack Iran because it would resume its quest for the atomic bomb.

2. Russia and China would end sanctions and sell anti-missile defense material to Iran.

3. Hezbollah in Lebanon would fire at least 50,000 missiles toward Israel. Even if 95% were destroyed,at least three thousand would hit targets in Israel causing the death of thousands. THIS is the end result of AIPAC suggestions.