Ice Melts -Now And Tomorrow

The Antarctic is melting and current estimates are that by 2050 there will be double melting of ice shelves and by 2100 the entire continent may be in the process of disappearing. We asked some Republicans to comment.

Ted Cruz: “I intend to fight agains these alarmists until Hell freezes over. If that happens, I will accept climate change.

Marco Rubio: “I’m no scientist, and until every scientist on this planet agrees there is climate change, I can not accept that hypothesis.

Donald Trump: Let me make clear that I intend to purchase the Antarctic, build snow machines and prevent melting.

Jeb Bush: “Stuff happens. Melting or not melting, stuff just happens.

Carly Fiorina: “I have extensive business experience and once in charge of this nation, you can make certain there will be NO snow melting in the Antarctic or in Minnesota.

Rand Paul: “I oppose any and all foreign engagements.

Oh Dem Redskins

A great political issue is confronting the state of California–should white or black or Asian folk be allowed to use the word, REDSKIN in a team nickname.From now on schools must employ words such as Native Americans.

1. The word, AMERICAN is NOT linked to any tribe on the North American continent. Tribes did have names such as Iroquois or Delaware of Sioux or Apache, but none were connected to the word, American.

2.The word, AMERICAN comes from an ITALIAN whose name was Amerigo Vespucci.

I get it, from now on let’s call sport teams after Italians just as the Iroquois employed.

This is an non-issue. Call sport teams anything they want to be called, but for God’s sake,not anything linked to Native Americans!!


We offer observations of the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


1. How about one gigantic Benghazi committee encompassing the entire Congress?

2. I await Trump’s plan for Benghazi.

3. I would strongly urge Republicans to check with the nearest mental institution for a new Speaker of the House.

4. Of course, since one does not have to be in Congress to become the Speaker-how about a lottery for the job?

5. My ongoing question is– how did we get in this situation in Congress?

6. Of course, there is always Vladimir Putin for the job-does one have to be a citizen to become the Speaker?

7. Ultimate surprise, Hillary for the Speaker job-then she could supervise more committees to investigate her.

Benghazi Forever And Forever

Let me get this clear–President Bush initiated a war in Iraq that left over four thousand Americans dead. George Bush initiated a war in Afghanistan that resulted in the death of over two thousand. As of this date, no Congressional Committee established to investigate the death of these thousands.BUT, we have had endless committee hearings over the death of FOUR Americans who died in the Libyan city of Benghazi. Frankly,it is doubtful of a hundred members of Congress could locate this city on a map. But, as Congressman Keven McCarthy proudly boasted the Benghazi industry has resulted in a decline of popularity for Hillary Clinton.

Major Bradley Podliska has been terminated from one of these committees because he complained the work was political and of no use. The committee head insisted that this military official will not “blackmail” them into ending work that seeks to protect the American people from the loss of four lives. The six thousand who died are another issue. Their deaths are linked to Republican leaders so forget they ever happened.

Turkish Mystery

Turkish President Recep Erdogan is a man whose main quest in life is-POWER. He has destroyed the ability of the Turkish armed forces to intervene in the political affairs of the nation. He has destroyed the ability of the judicial system to thwart his efforts of gaining more and more power. He was shocked when the electorate denied his Justice and Development Party of a majority in the legislature. Recep does not allow anyone or anything to deny him –POWER. He initiated war against the Kurdish minority since his goal was to enable fear to restore his control of government.

Suddenly, out of the blue when Kurdish peace groups were gathered in Ankara for a demonstration, bombs hit them with force. It was the worse bombing in the history of Turkey. A hundred are dead and dozens are wounded. Police prevented ambulances from the scene, and police interfered with rescue efforts. Was this connected with the Erdogan aim of –POWER?

Vladimir, Welcome To Bomb Town

Well,the Putin boys have arrived in town only to receive a warm welcome from ISIS,the Free Syrian Army and just about every bomb crazy person in the Syrian conflict. Captain Mustafa of the Free Syrian Army is happy at the opportunity to blast away at Russians,and over at ISIS headquarters, the welcome mat is out for any and all Russians. Since the Russians are more interested in democratic forces opposed to President Assad, their main focus has been upon groups that seek the end of Assad rather than on ISIS which seeks the end of everyone, and that includes Russians.

Back in 1980, the Russian army marched into Afghanistan feeling they were on a picnic. Eight years later, after the death of thousands–of Russians, the Russian army meekly marched out. Captain Mustafa noted about Russians: “you don’t know what you’ve got yourself into.”

Kim Jon Un On Anything

Among the certainties of life is that Kim Jon un will make a statement about his great army and his ability to destroy any nation in the world, and that means– you Americans. ‘Our revolutionary force is ready to respond to any kind of war the American imperialists want. Our People’s Liberation Army has become the strongest revolutionary force and our country has become an impenetrable fortress as a global military power.”

OK, Kim Jong, since you think North Korea can beat anyone at anything, how about:

A basketball game between North Korea and Ecuador?

A baseball game between the North Korean baseball stars vs. any Little League team Kim identifies?

A rifle target shooting between the best North Korean shot and Donald Trump? He can blast anyone to dust.

A bowling for bombs event,winner takes home all the bombs?

North Korean bomb experts vs ISIS in IED success.

Ben Carson On Holocaust

I Do understand that Ben Carson is a wonderful surgeon and can really cut into a body. His basic problem is that every time he opens his mouth it is quite apparent this man running for president has absolutely no grasp of any aspect of American history, let alone of that dealing with foreign lands such as Germany. He offered an explanation about a man called Adolf Hitler.

“I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if people had been armed.” This man has absolutely no understanding that millions of Germans adored Hitler. Members of the SS fought to the last bullet defending their beloved leader. Ben, my little idiot, the Holocaust could not have happened without the support of millions of people who agreed with Hitler.

By the way,Ben, during the Warsaw Uprising Jews did have some guns, but, Bennie, guns against tanks and artillery only ensure your death.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body


Sheriff Carson at OK Corral: “I’m just the sheriff, how about shooting at some women in church?”

Sheriff Carson confronting a robber on the streets: “I think you want one of those guys in uniform”

Sheriff Carson confronting a terrorist: “How about a physical checkup-for free?”

Sheriff Carson as mob approaches down the street: “People keep moving, but don’t crowd up.”

Sheriff Carson in Syria: “I want all of you to only shoot bad people,and I am not bad.”

Sheriff Carson in House of Representatives: “Now ladies and gentlemen, if you pass this bill, there is a free heart transplant waiting for you.”

Time For A Black President?

During the past seven years there has been a non-stop complaint that Barack Obama was: born in Africa, is not really a true American, and he hates America. Well, along comes Rupert Murdoch with the final dagger into the heart of Obama:

Tweet: “Ben and Candy Carson are terrific. What about a real black President who can address the racial divide?”

Finally, we now know that Barack was really a WHITE MAN disguised as a black man! I always suspected that Barack was not who he claimed to be. Remember when he was accused of hanging around with terrorist black ministers? Now, we know that he NEVER loved any white ministers. Now, we know that he was never really black, more like tan.

One problem: Fox News does not like black Presidents. So, can we transform Ben Carson-and Candy Carson–into sort of white on Monday and black the rest of the week folks?

And, the good news is that Ben Carson is really a man of all seasons. He is a doctor, and then he is a sheriff. It would be so great to have a President who confronted a man with a gun in Popeye’s and said: “No, you don’t want me, I think you want the guy behind the counter!” We need leaders like this!