We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Donald Trump is a blessing to Hillary Clinton

I thing 17 is an unlucky number, how about two dozen candidates?

Mike Huckabee is at war against women.

Republicans insist God is on their side, the question is–which God?

Say,how come Sarah Palin is not in on this hunt for power?

I so miss Herman Cain.

Email is the worst invention for politicians.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Back To Military Option”

Republican mantra as long as they don’t fight.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “More Money Needed”

Please don’t ask billionaires to contribute.

Sweden,Local: “Is Jesus A Myth”

These days,he is not only a myth, he never existed.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Putin Says Sepp Blatner A Hero”

A man after his own heart, greedy!

Norway,Norway Post: “Police Love Free Travel”

Also, free pass after a shooting.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Board Directors Get Raises”

And, guess who does not!

Great News From North Korea

As one who fought the scourge of cancer a decade ago, I can now sleep in peace and security. North Korean news reports indicate that this nation has now discovered cures for cancer, Ebola and AIDS. Not only that, but Kim Jong Un has been awarded the global statesman award for this outstanding work fighting imperialism and standing up for human rights. The Sukarno Center in Indonesia has finally given this fearless fighter for human rights some recognition. Look at what he has done for Koreans>

1. He just about eliminated diabetes, there are no fat people in North Korea except for the pudgy guy in charge.

2. He makes it easy for parents to supervise TV for kids. There is only one channel.

3. He makes certain everyone gets some physical activity today and tomorrow and so on.

4. He shares his love of basketball with one and all.

5. Relatives get the same right to a firing squad as everyone else. Democracy in practice.

Mike Ready For National Guard To End Abortion!

Each day provides further and further evidence that Republicans are now vying as to who can utter the most outrageous comment in the quest to get Tea Party votes. Mike Huckabee wants the religious right to know that once he becomes president, they can forget about the issue of abortion. He is willing to consider any and all resources that could be employed to end the entire practice of abortion. He was asked if he would employ the National Guard to end the terror of abortion. His response:”We will see. If I become President” he will explore using the 5th Amendment, the 14th Amendment to protect the fetus in the womb.

His comments simply reflect the power now being imposed upon Republican candidates to say something wild in order to get on Fox News tonight. Ironically, the theme of Republicans is that Barack Obama wants more and more power. Mike Huckabee makes him come away as a state right president.

Donald Is In Iowa

Each passing day makes it clearer and clearer that Donald Trump is not leaving the stage until he is dragged off it. The 700 seat high school auditorium was jam packed and hundreds waited outside to hear the words of a fighter. Several told reporters that Donald was “the most brilliant man in America.” while others praised his willingness to express outrageous ideas that many held in their hearts about illegal immigrants or loafers or welfare cheats. One person said: “he thinks about work while others talk about work.”

It is clear that about 20% of Americans feel alienated from the entire political process and he is tapping into that anger. Frankly, for some,it makes no difference as to what he actually says as long as he “says it like it is.” He has burst upon he scene as a man of action. Of course, when it comes to actually fighting in a war, Donald gets sick or hurt.

Donald will not shut up and he has the money to keep on talking!

American Psychological Association Needs A Shrink!

I spent the good part of my life working with psychologists and even taught courses in psychology. I must admit confusion as to the current conflict within the American Psychological Association over the group’s cooperation with the CIA in torturing people. One group of psychologists argue that it was their patriotic duty to torture. Those affiliated with the Society for Military Psychology are furious at the “politically motivated anti-government and anti-military stance” of those who dislike torture. One part of this association believes that a doctor can not engage in torture. Another part believes it is their patriotic duty to torture.

One might remind believers in torture that the Nuremberg Trials after WWII regarded doctors who aided in the death of millions as war criminals. One might remind those who do not like “anti-government” people that in America we have elections to get rid of the government!

How To Make A Traffic Stop

Some day I will arise in the morning and check the newspaper and hopefully I will NOT read a single story about traffic stops that end in death. Officer Brian Encino was the cop that halted Sandra Bland and wound up shooting her. According to his police file this guy was just an ordinary cop doing an ordinary job. So, what happened?

1. In the real world of business, our clients are the ones served, they do not serve us.

2. In the real world of those raised in slum neighborhoods -as I was raised–one is always polite to a stranger since you never know what will happen.

3. Police should be taught that politeness is the best way to avoid trouble.

4. Perhaps it is time to cease using the current police uniform and use another one that does not encourage cops to think they are Marshall Earp in Dodge City. Oh cops, Earp always spoke soft because he knew that is how real tough guys speak.

Donald Trump On Wealthy Guys

I may not be the greatest fan of Donald Trump but there is one issue on which he knows more than anyone–HOW RICH FOLKS THINK! It was obvious that he would never in a million years attend any meetings with wealthy donors. Why should he? Let Donald explain what his adversary candidates should grasp about those with wealth.

1. Candidates “are controlled by whoever gave them their money.”

2. Candidates who take money from the wealthy “I will tell you they are totally controlled.”

3. The man who has given gobs of money understands what he gets for that money: “I give to everybody and they do whatever I say.”

From the lips of one who has given and got from politicians!

Koch Brothers Meet-And So Do Republicans

Well,the Koch Brothers are holding a gathering of Republicans who want money and their blessing. The Freedom Partners sessions enable Republican seeking the presidency to have a drink or a meal or a suck up session with 450 high powered donors. There are moments when one wonders why we hold elections when it would be simpler to match Democratic donors against Republican donors on a field of battle.The group that can throw the most money the furthest should be declared the winner. To simplify things for Republicans, here is what you should do:

1. Bow politely when you see someone open a wallet.

2. Be prepared to suck up,and when these guys say, “suck up” they mean get your tongue moving.

3. If a Christian donor, wear a cross, if a Jewish one, whip out your Star of David.

4. Always remember that lower taxes is a good line regardless of the question.

5. Never forget to emphasize that you “tell it as it is.”