We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Canberra Times: “What You Need To Know About Guns Clubs”

Bang, bang, dead, dead?

Sweden,Local: “Beauty Contest Coming Up”

Contestants are: Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush!

France, Connexion: “Row Over Cribs In Public Places”

I assume next will be the row over breasts in public places.

China, China Daily: “Stay In Style”

Join the Republican Do Nothing Congress this spring.

UK, Guardian: “Here Comes Santa”

And, there goes my money!

There is no question that being a police officer is a stressful and dangerous position in life. There is also no question that our police departments have bought into the incorrect idea of “broken windows.” There is no evidence that transforming petty actions into major crimes does anything other than foster violence. The death of Eric Garner, a man who had been peddling cigarettes for years stemmed from the broken window concept and the need for police to produce evidence of crime in order to please their superiors. A few days ago a sick young African American named, Brimsley decided to take out his anger on innocent police and murdered two officers who were sitting in their patrol car. His action has unleashed anger from the Fox News crowd and folks like Rudy Giuiliani who insist that protecting the safety of police officers is the real problem in America. Many in the New York City police department are furious at Mayor Bill de Blasio who they claim displayed disrespect to all police officers when he condemned the murder of Eric Garner.

There are TWO ISSUES: safety of police and excessive use of force by police. The murder of two innocent police officers who were doing their duty has NOTHING to do with the need to address violence on the part of some police officers. Police should not be angry at the Mayor, their anger should be directed at the false policy of Broken Windows!

Revenge Killings In Pakistan

Pakistan is among the most disorganized nations in the world. It has spent the past fifty years worrying about a possible war with India that has long since left the minds of those who lead India. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistan soldiers are on the border facing India while thousands of Muslim fanatics roam areas like North Waziristan. It was the Pakistan secret service, the ISI which originally created and armed the Taliban which was sent into Afghanistan to cause disruption and chaos. It was the Pakistan ISI which protected Osama bin Laden when he came to their nation seeking a secure place to hide. Pakistan leaders continue to believe they can have a pact with the devil despite evidence to to the contrary. Perhaps, and we do mean, perhaps, Pakistan leaders have finally recognized the failure of their policy to accept the presence of militants in their land.

The death of 133 Pakistan children in a school in Peshawar has finally got the attention of the Pakistan government. Many of the children had fathers in the Pakistan army. The Pakistan government has now announced it will execute 500 militants who are in their jails. This action will not alter the real issues confronting Pakistan:

1. There is need for a modern secular school system.

2. There is need to cease aiding the Taliban.

3. There is need for a permanent peace with India.

4. There is need to focus on economic development.

Those actions will destroy the militants.

Jolly Chris Christie Is Never Jolly

There are many now aspiring to become the Republican candidate for president in 2016. Rick Perry in Texas is meeting with professors who allegedly are teaching him about what is happening in the world. Since Rick has absolutely no idea about the Middle East, let alone the ideas of Vladimir Putin, these sessions will hopefully allow him to grasp there is a world outside of Texas. Over in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie has his own problems. The man who could walk into any department store and be hired for the holiday season as Santa Claus simply lacks a merry attitude toward life. Sandy Booket went to a town meeting in hope of getting under the skin of Chris. Among the easiest things to do with Christie is to have his anger quickly emerge when posed a serious question. NO, she did not post any questions about abortion or police violence, the woman asked Chris if he had permission from Bruce Springsteen to use his music at Republican political events.

Naturally, Chris rose to the challenge. How dare any liberal imply that he used music from his idol, Bruce Springsteen without permission. “I saw Bruce about a week and half ago. He had every opportunity to tell me not to. He didn’t tell me.” I trust this is now clear. We may not know what Chris thinks about the deaths of Eric Garner or Tamir Rice, but we do know that he can use the music of Bruce, his buddy, whenever he so desires!

Tunisia Beacon In Middle East

Americans have forgotten that the Arab Spring initially sprung up in the country of Tunisia. It was in that land where people rose up against a dictatorship which had been in power for over forty years. Tunisia is also a country in which secular Muslims have lived in peace with Christians and Jews. Yes, there are still some Jews living in Tunisia. At no point during the past few years have those with secular ideas been suppressed by a Tunisian government. The “Muslim” party of the land has worked with secular groups to restrain fundamentalists from imposing any form of Sharia law upon the people of Tunisia. The past few days a democratic election was held in which secular leader Beji Essebi won about 55% of the vote. There were a few scattered attempts to employ violence by fanatics but these were crushed by armed forces.

In other words, there is a democratic Muslim society in the Middle East. It has free elections and fanatics are challenged by the armed forces. I realize this is not what most Americans have been led to believe. Even Bill Manher is convinced that the Muslim religion is not appropriate to democracy. Sorry Bill, just check out Tunisia!

North Korea Is Upset. So Is Fox News

There are moments when listening to comments from the leaders of North Korea when I wonder if Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News is really the owner of that country. The wording, the vocal anger at hatred toward President Obama are the same from North Korea as is heard each day on Fox News. Kim Jong-un is a rather plump man who sort of walks with a limp and he just does not enjoy any sort of comment that is negative. After all, it has been nearly seventy years since anyone has publicly made a negative comment to a leader of North Korea. The very idea that one does not agree with the words of wisdom from the Great Leader is simply not part of the lexicon of anyone in North Korea.

North Korea has “clear evidence” that the United States is a “cesspool” of violence. Actually, Fox News commentators would regard that comment as not appropriate since they regard Barack Obama as the center of incompetence, of stupidity, of hatred of the United States and just about any crime you can name. Finally, Fox News has discovered another group which shares its hatred of the black dude in the White House. I wonder of Rupert will soon be establishing relations with the jolly little man in North Korea.

Madness Of Anger

Two police officers were murdered by a mad man, and now conservatives are ready to excuse the death of innocent black men by the police because two of those who serve the city of New York are dead. A nut case boasted on the Internet that he had planned to murder some cops. “I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take one of ours…let’s take two of theirs.” So, he carefully planned the deaths of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu who were shot while in their patrol car. From these two deaths, some police have reached the conclusion that Mayor Bill de Blasio is responsible. Let me get this clear:

1. Eric Garner was murdered by police although he never was any threat to anyone.

2. Protesters expressed their anger.

3. This even came after the death of Tamir Rice, age 12, a noted criminal in the playground.

4. This came after the death of a black man in Walmart who was looking at guns for sale.

So, the conclusion is according to heads of police organizations: “Mayor de Blasio, the blood of these two officers is clearly in your hands.”

Two brave decent men died at the hands of a nut case. HE is responsible for their deaths just as some incompetent police officers are responsible for the deaths of innocent men. The issue is creating police forces in which violence is the LAST resort. The issue is ending ready access to weapons of destruction in America!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body


Long time since I heard: “take the high ground.”

Some sit back with eyes wondering about the world.

Few place one finger on forehead while thinking.

Everyone needs a safe place in which to retreat.

Somewhere over the rainbow is a rainbow.

We have become a tired nation.

In the end all Americans are immigrants.

I get upset if the coffee is not very hot.

Some bend head while looking.

One can not be guilty of offering too much love.

Beware The Consequences!!

The government of North Korea is very upset at George Clooney and others who claim they had anything to do with hacking of Sony files. A mysterious person who works for the Foreign Office in North Korea but prefers that his name not be revealed to the world demanded that America work with the peace loving leaders of North Korea in order to find out who and what did the hacking. He, or we assume, Kim Jong-un wants to investigate this crime against humanity. “The US should bear in mind that it will face serious consequences in case it rejects our proposal for joint investigation. We have a way to prove that we have nothing to do with the case without resorting to torture as the CIA does.”

So, what are the “serious consequences?”

1. Denis Rodman will be denied entry to North Korea as well as other NBA players.

2. North Korea will ban any and all films made by George Clooney.

3. Speeches by the Great Leader no longer will be shared with the American people. They will be forced to listen to Ted Cruz, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Talk about TORTURE!

Please Barack, have a joint investigation!

Republican Food Fight

Florida Senator Marco Rubio regards himself as the nation’s number one expert on Cuba because his parents escaped from that land. Of course, he has not spent time in Cuba, but who has to devote efforts to leaning first hand about conditions in Cuba to regard himself as THE expert on this land which lies a hundred miles away from us. Marco is now furious at statements by fellow Republican Senator Rand Paul who is supporting the Obama action to establish diplomatic relations with Cuba. According to Marco, the Senator from Kentucky “has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to Cuba.. On the other hand, according to Rand Paul, the man from Florida is a “Cold War warrior” who fears dealing with the “brave new world of diplomacy.”

Heck, even Republican Senator Jake Flake from Arizona is hailing the Obama decision since it opens the door for billions of dollars in farm sales. Jake thinks it is “time to try something different.”Now wait a second, we have isolated Cuba for half a century and the Castro brothers still run it. Please give Marco another fifty years to try out his ideas!