We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: Too Much Dirty Politics”

You mean there is really such a thing as “clean” politics?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Woman’s Body In Suitcase”

Some pack clothes, some pack mom in her clothes!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Russia’s Brainstorming Strategy”

Figuring out what is in the mind of Vladimir Putin?

Egypt, Al-Ahramm: “Egypt Cabinet Genocide Law”

Wipe out all members of the Muslim Brotherhood?

USA, NY Daily Cops: “Dancing Cops”

In Ferguson, that means fleeing from responsibility.

China, China Daily: “Lab Rats Get Reprieve”

Alive today, dead tomorrow?

On Negotiating With The Enemy

It is easy for someone whose family has not been impacted by acts of terrorists to urge a hard line on their demands for ransom. No one can feel the pain, fear, and torture currently being felt by members the James Foley family. No one can ask them to set aside those feelings. Of course, there is always a “but” or “however” to this tale of horror. Michael Foley expressed the family desire for negotiating with terrorism. He insists “there’s more that could have been done directly on James’ behalf. I really hope that in some ways Jim’s death pushes us to take another look at our approach, our policy to terrorist and hostage negotiations and rethink them.”

President Obama sent a Special Force group into Syria in order to free the hostages. That meant the lives of several young Americans were placed at risk. There was always the possibility Special Force members could be killed in the act of saving others. Yes, some urge paying ransoms. The basic problem with paying ransoms to terrorists is there will always be another and another ransom to pay. Naturally, those who believe in paying off terrorists are ready to pose: “suppose it was your son or daughter who was kidnapped?” My feelings would be similar to those of the Foley family. But, hopefully, I would also hope that others should not give up their lives in order to save the life of my son or daughter.

Ransom demands by terrorists is NEVER a once in a lifetime demand!

Putin Plunges Into The Line!

The mind of Vladimir Putin is that of the ever plotting manipulator seeking to push his adversary into a move that allows a response that is military. The so-called “humanitarian convoy” bringing food and supplies to the beleaguered citizens of fictional “countries” located in the eastern region of Ukraine. The last thing on the mind of Putin is providing assistance to any person, place or government that does not acknowledge he is the supreme boss. Ukraine’s government made clear they regard trucks crossing its border as an act of war. This is a normal reaction from any government.

However, responding with arms is exactly what Putin seeks. He wants an excuse to send in the troops to end a war–naturally, the war that he began. Ukraine’s government should simply step aside, allow the trucks to unload their “humanitarian” supplies, and bid them a fond farewell. How about a special “Thank You” note from the Ukraine government? DO NOT Allow PUTIN TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO INITIATE WAR!

Ho Hum-Just Another Rape In India

Among my mysteries of life is the absence of outrage among political leaders in India when their own women are raped. In 2012, an Indian college student was raped and murdered, and it set off anger among large groups of people, but the government, as usual, did not become emotionally engaged in the rape. Two years later a new government has been installed in India, and silence about rape has shifted to stupidity about rape. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is upset. No, not about the rape of this girl, but about those who protested about the rape. “One small incident of rape in Delhi advertised the world over is enough to cost us billions of dollars in loss of tourism.” Finally, an Indian government official who is clear about rape. If women continually allow themselves to be raped–and murdered– they are responsible for loss of money to the people of India in lost tourism!!

Her mother calmly noted: “When they(Jaitley’s party) wanted votes they used my daughter’s rape to criticize last government.” Man, sorry, the problem of the last government and this government is they blame victims of rape, not rapists!!

Silence Of Syrians And World

The latest figures from Human Rights Watch and UN sources is that 191,367 people of Syria have died in the current civil war. It is unclear how many other hundreds of thousands are wounded or forced to live under miserable conditions, not only in Syria, but in other nations since they have lost homes and property. The ravages of war spare no one–but it is always true that innocent people bear the burden of this tragedy. For the past few years as civil war has engulfed Syria, one question is constantly in my mind:

1. Where are Muslim religious figures? Why haven’t religious leaders in the Muslim world organized to protest the tragedy?

2. If Israel kills 2,000, a furious outburst of anger is heard in every Muslim nation, but if Muslims kill 191,367 only silence is heard?

For me, the death of a single Muslim is horrible,but for some strange reason no such feelings are common in the world of Muslims? I am certain that 99% of Muslims care about fellow Muslims but for some reason they do not become public protesters. I am simply asking: WHY THE SILENCE?

Let’s Blame Obama For Foley Death!

A new myth is emerging on Fox News and among those commenting upon the Middle East that President Obama is somehow responsible for the beheading of James Foley. At the heart of this argument is a belief sufficient years have passed since the Bush invasion of Iraq so from now on, he is off the hook, and the dude in the White House is on it. OK, President Obama did dispatch Special Forces to rescue Foley, but why didn’t it succeed? If he didn’t send Special Forces, critics would be blasting him, if he does, they are critical of failure. Could President Obama have prevented the rise of ISIS?

1. Prior to 9/11, al-Qaeda under Osama bin Laden was comprised of fewer than five thousand men lacking heavy weapons.

2. The invasion allowed this small group to become an effective fighting force.

3. Bush mistakes were subsequently followed by Obama mistakes. Neither President created a Foreign Policy for the MIDDLE EAST! Neither clearly stated American foreign policy goals in the region. Even today, no American has any idea as to the nation’s foreign policy aspirations in this region of the world.

4. For some inexplicable reason, Barack Obama has emerged as a president lacking ability to lead the nation. Both liberals and conservatives have the same complaint– he appears to stand apart from the nation. During the dark days of 1940 when England stood alone confronting a powerful German Army, newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill, “marshaled command of the English language and sent it into battle.” He inspired the English people and they defeated Germany’s air attack.

5. At no point in his presidency has Barack Obama been able to “marshall command of the English language” and send it into battle against Middle East terrorism. In order to gain national support one must lay out in clear and concise terms the goals of America.

So, is Barack Obama guilty of James Foley’s death? This horrible murder is simply another outfall–a decade later– of invading Iraq in 2003.

Support Killer Of Black Men!

It was simply a matter of time before some organization was formed in order to support the real victim of the Michael Brown killing– the police officer who shot the unarmed boy! Yes, there now is a “Support Officer Darren Oliver GoFund Me” group seeking to raise money in order to show the world, some people in America know who was the one in danger on the night that Brown was killed. Heck, $7 tee shirts that argued in support of the killer sold out within moments. Central to this thinking is: policemen always are in the right, black men are always in the wrong. I am not arguing those who support our police are bigots, they simply believe this nation must and should fear the presence of black young men.

The concept of fearing black men goes back to days of slavery. Throughout the history of slavery in America there always was a Slave Patrol available in most areas of the South. Think about the reality of slavery? A white man who owned slaves frequently had to leave the plantation which meant his wife and daughters were now surrounded by black male men. A sense of fear was always present in the minds of white men– rape of wife or daughters became the foundation for fearing that black males had but one goal- attack white women.

I do not know Darren Wilson, no one knows what was in his heart on the night of the shooting. But, reality is, if you shoot a black male somehow, in some way, it is a preventive action. So, blast away!

Bank Of America Banks Money In Washington

The United States government just reached a settlement with Bank of America that requires this organization to donate $16.65 billion of its money in the US Treasury Department. Bank of America is charged with misleading investors into purchasing faulty troubled mortgages. Once again, a major banking institution is charged, and convicted of illegal behavior that resulted in loss of billions by the American people. It is gratifying knowing that banks are being fined for their behavior, but this episode also raises questions.

1. How come not a single banker was personally fined?

2. How come not a single banker ever appeared in a court of law?

3. How come not a single banker will do a day of jail time?

Of course, if some poor kid steals five dollars in a bodega, jail time might be one to five years.

The moral of this tale is: If you desire to steal and rob from people, make certain you go for broke and rob them of millions!

Putin Strikes Back With Vengeance!

There is no question the aggressive actions of President Barack Obama have created strong anger in the heart of President Vladimir Putin. He is sick and tired of having to bend to the will of the American black dude. So, Vladimir has decided to retaliate against the United States of America. FOUR MCDONALD’S IN MOSCOW HAVE BEEN CLOSED!! The State commission which supervises cleanliness and decent respect for consumers insists what is served at a typical McDonald’s restaurant does not meet the high quality standards of Russian restaurants. These closings come after Russia has banned import of vodka and beer along with termination of fruit and fish products from the den of evil in Ukraine.

Vladimir had to take a stand for freedom and democracy. Then again, does he really want to reduce the supply of vodka? I suspect plentiful of vodka leads drunken Russians to vote for the bare chested leader of their nation. First, they came for McDonald’s, next they came for vodka, can Pizza Hut be far behind?

Americans Will Die In Iraq-Such Is War

Senator John McCain and the remaining tough minded aggressive members of the Republican Party are up in arms at “failure” of President Barack Obama to bomb the hell out of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS). For McCain and his cohorts in verbal violence, we AMERICANS will not tolerate the murder of our citizens! Sorry, fellas, that is reality. A Special Force raid in Syria attempted to rescue James Foley, killed some ISIS soldiers, but never found him. That is about all we can do at this stage of what is transpiring in Iraq. It is terrible to see visual images of an American being beheaded. During World War II, the Japanese Army so enjoyed sharing their beheading of downed US pilots. It took some time, but thousands of innocent, as well as guilty, Japanese died, including by atomic bombs. Such is war.

Our hearts can go out to James Foley and other hostages, but, at this moment in time, nothing can be done to save their lives. One wonders where were these opponents of allowing Americans to die in 2003 when George Bush invaded Iraq in search of non-existent weapons of mass destruction? The Americans who died sure would have welcomed John McCain fighting to protect their lives ten years ago!