We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Mystery of life-did Cro-magnons engage in war?

Little children wave at me, I wave back.

I wonder what are dress fashions in Heaven.

I wonder why there are no ads urging slim folk to become fat.

She enters, gazes, turns and leaves. Another broken romance?

“All you can eat pancakes.” Alas, at age 84, there are limits unlike when one is 24.

She limps in, she waddles in, he strides in, an elderly trio.

We all too often ignore what we see in life.

All in Heaven have health insurance, and it is free!

I become furious at those who cut into the line.

Some chew food while walking, I do not.

To love America is to be critical of it.

Game of Monopoly has endured wars and disasters, why?

I see fewer tall lean boys these days.

An American woman must touch her hair entering any business establishment.

I enjoy the sight of mom engaged in a serious discussion with her children.

To be petty is very petty.

For all too many, Obama has become irrelevant in their lives.

Putin Seeks Nobel Peace Prize

It is now clear the Western World and the government of Ukraine has misinterpreted the glorious and noble leader of Russia. According to President Putin, the only desire in his heart is bringing to the people of Ukraine and Novorussia the benefits of peace and freedom. He is the ONLY leader in the world desiring an end to violence in what is termed, Ukraine. Western leaders insist on denying freedom to the peaceful people of Novorussia who they mistakenly term to be Ukrainians. Vladimir Putin stands on a platform of peace to all people, not just in this Ukraine, but throughout the world. He insists on immediate talks, “not just on technical issues, but on the political organization of society and statehood for southeastern Ukraine” which is really, Novorussia.

Just check the world of Russia for evidence of Putin’s desires for peace. Just ask gays and lesbians how their wonderful leader has fought for their right to get the hell beat out of them. Just check with evil doers in Russia seeking the right to speak their minds and meet together. Their beloved leader places them in jails in order to prevent them getting abused. This world must award a Nobel Peace Prize to this champion of freedom, this lover of peace!

Has Israel Changed?

For the moment, and I do mean, “the moment,” there is quiet along the Gaza front. Within Gaza, people are celebrating their great “victory” against Israel while in Israel, the growing feeling is that its armed forces failed to achieve a great “victory.” One report from the West Bank indicates the Israel government is taking additional land in order to construct additional settlements which will result in additional difficulty in attaining an agreement with the Palestinian Authority. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who initiated the invasion of Gaza which led to the deaths of 2100 people– most being civilians who had nothing to do with terrorism–is being accused of behaving like some sort of Barack Obama. He is charged with being indecisive and lacking in courage to complete the job against Hamas.

The majority of Israelis want “victory” over Hamas evil doers. Of course, it is not quite clear how they would know “victory” has been attained. Then again, what exactly is “victory” for the state of Israel? Over 2100 people in Gaza are dead, dozens of tunnels destroyed, and most probably a few dozen Hamas leaders are now dead. So, what would constitute the “victory” these Israelis desire? We do know that Hamas regards the death of 71 Israelis as a “great victory.”

Has anyone considered that “victory” is a treaty that ends violence, and deals with creation of an independent nation of Palestine that would crack down on terrorists and work to create a viable economy?

Send In The Troops!

The Republican party has entered another of its split personality moods. On one hand, Senator John McCain, Fox News, and a group of fighters for freedom are demanding action on the part of President Obamas in the Middle East. John wants to send in the troops, wipe out evil doers and return to the glorious days when General David Petraeus was gaining “victory” in the famous “surge” that wiped out al=Qaeda. On the other hand, most Republicans like Senator Rand Paul want to blame the president for his “inaction” even while proposing inaction as a policy. Some recent polls reveal an increasing number of Americans want the President to do “something” to halt the ISIS mad men, but at the same time oppose sending in American troops to wipe out evil doers. Given lurid stories about beheading of people, including an American, most Americans are angry, furious, seek action, but have absolutely no idea as to what should occur.

In reality, they are clear about one point– they do not want American soldiers to be killed. I have not come across any evidence Americans are flocking to recruitment stations in order to send their bodies into risk of battle. They want SOMETHING. Alas, SOMETHING inevitably sends people to their graves. An attitude of “you go, you do something, while I remain home criticizing,” will NOT halt ISIS.

Rob Ford Emails

Residents of the city of Toronto in the great nation of Canada are rather upset because when they check emails, there are some from the office of its mayor, Rob Ford. Rob is a rather plump man with a nice tummy, and he enjoys the bottle. In other words, Rob is not only the leading citizen of the city of Toronto, but he is the leading drinker in that locale. In addition to enjoying a nice cool beer, the mayor also enjoys a nice relaxing encounter with the weed. He has been caught on videos dead drunk and dead to the world after a session with the weed. So, now comes this vicious attack on a man who simply seeks to send a few emails. OK, so some might wonder how did the mayor get my email? Good question? Now, if I could come up with a good answer.

Knowing Rob, here might be some other communications from the mayor’s office:

1. A bottle of beer for each person in the city of Toronto.

2. A nice piece of marijuana for each and every person seeking to relax.

3. An audio containing Rob speaking while under the influence.

4. A picture of Rob in his favorite drinking hole.

If the folk in Toronto have Rob in office, why not enjoy him to the fullest??

Iran Sanctions

The United States government imposed a new set of sanctions against Iranian banks, businesses and individuals who are connected with their nation’s quest for nuclear development. At present, negotiations are occurring between Iran and major powers. Naturally, the Iranian government is upset. A Foreign Ministry spokesperson warned: “These actions have a negative and non-constructive impact on the trend of talks.” Makes sense. If nations are talking, they are not fighting. Russia has been violating the rights of Ukraine, but most European nations refuse to impose severe sanctions because it is bad for their business. The goal of sanctions is to get nations to a negotiating table. If they are talking, why endanger the process by imposing sanctions?

There is plenty of time once talks end to impose punitive actions against Iran. Take a gamble in life. As long as Iran is engaged in productive discussions, hold off on further sanctions. At this point in time, the government of Iran, unlike that of Russia, is willing to discuss issues in a calm and productive manner. Further that process and hold off on further negative actions.

Domestic Violence And Work

A controversy has arisen in the National Football League concerning to what extend should it have rules and regulations regarding what is done to players who are guilty of domestic violence. A player, Ray Price, was suspended, but critics insist on much more severe penalties to those who batter wives. Lost in this discussion is our relationship as employees in organizations and what transpires in our home life. There ARE laws governing behavior in a family. There ARE penalties for those who use force upon wives or children. The real issue is whether or not my employer should step in and penalize me because I abuse women?

Once the door is opened allowing my boss to decide whether I am punished for what happens in my family, this means society allows my employer to intrude into the daily lives of its employees. This could be a disastrous event. Does my employer now decide punishment if I do not attend religious services? Does my employer govern my social interactions? I work for some dude. Period. At work, my boss can decide what I do at work. But, no employer should decide what I do in my private life. If a football player is a wife beater, his team could provide access to therapy. But, it has no right to decide any other punishment. Keep the two worlds apart-my job and my home life!


We offer samples of headlines in the world press along with our comments.

UK, Guardian: “Toilet Paper Shortage”

Heck, what else in Congress given the shit that pours out by the hour!

Norway, Norway Post: “Euthanize Racoons”

Let me chomp a bit on this story.

Singapore, Singpore Times: “Malaysia Airlines Fires 6,000″

Latest reports are that 6,000 Malaysians are now missing.

USA, NY Post: “The End Is Near”

Sorry, Fox News can never end its stupidity, that is what makes it Fox News!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Bedbugs Found On Train”

They have to sleep someplace!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Don’t Believe Me”

I agree, Vladimir, your name is Putin, what else?

Abortion Wars Continue In Texas

It is over forty years since a Supreme Court in America ruled that women had the right to control what happened to their bodies. Ironically, those who decry “government” imposing restrictions of my right to carry weapons, believe fervently that government has the right to tell a woman what she can do or not do with her body. Ironically, those opposing government laws requiring people to have health insurance support the right of government to regulate women’s behavior. Ironically, those opposed to government laws requiring that all children have access to day care or adequate food and shelter, believe government can regulate women each day of the year.

Texas, like many states has passed laws that impose severe restrictions on abortion facilities. Texas demands that doctors have access to hospitals prior to acting like a doctor in an abortion clinic. The Texas legislature imposes restrictions on every facet of an abortion clinic. Naturally, the Texas legislature would never impose such restrictions on a business operation. Many Texans believe the war against women is a must, but the war for decent living is not!

I Don’t Have To Tell You My Name!

Once upon a time in the United States of America its citizens could walk the streets without having to speak with anyone, particularly members of the police. They were Americans and thus entitled to the right of silence. Christopher Lollie was sitting in a location near a bank with his children. For some reason, someone in the bank interpreted the man on a bench with some sort of criminal behavior. Lollie was shortly accosted by a member of the police demanding identity. He responded: “I don’t have to tell you who I am, I haven’t broken any laws. The problem is I am black. That’s the problem.”

Naturally, the end result was another police statistic about some sort of “crime” that was committed. Chalk up another crime by a black man in America. There is something sad about this incident because each day it is replicated hundreds of times by police to black males. Fortunately, Mr. Lollie was not shot six times!