Inside Trump Mind

Instead of spending time talking with Donald Trump, I decided to go right to the head of the man. I embarked on a  voyage into his mind.

M: So,Donald, what was your reaction to the Warren speech?

D: The Indian girl really put on her war paint and came after me. Of course,my taste in women means bean poles like Warren who have NO great boobs, are simply not on my agenda.

M:Any other reason you personally  dislike the woman?

D: I don’t pay attention to women who fail to get the little guy  down below aroused.Now,this broad would never get near my bed, if somehow, she got in it, just the sight of this flat chested plain faced Indian would make me sick.

M: What about her ideas?

D:  Ideas? Frankly, the sight of her so disgusts me that I never listen to a word that she says. When you see a pig, when you see a rat, just turn and go the other direction.

M: I’m referring to her political ideas.

D: OH, you mean she wants to tax the heck out of job creators! Look, this broad doesn’t know the first thing how declaring being bankrupt can make you very, very wealthy. OK, maybe sometimes I’m a little hard on this slut, but, to show you the kind of wonderful guy I am, she can suck my prick.

M: Is there anything that you like about her?

D: Yes, it would please me to see some nice guy fuck her to hell! Preferably, some  Mexican drug lord.


Roger Ailes Leaves

Roger Ailes has been forced to retire as head of Fox News,  much to the chagrin of Donald Trump. “He’s a very good person. I’ve always found him to be a nice, nice person. A lot of people are thinking he’s the guy to run my campaign.” Mr.Ailes basically created For News. Of course, the word, “news”somehow does not reflect how “news” is reported on Fox News. In order to report “news” on Fox News, one should be:

1. A young blond haired woman who looks clean and nice. But, not too sexy.

2. Accept any and all ideas of Rupert Murdoch.

3. Always precede the word,”Clinton” with either, ‘crooked’ or ‘pervert.’

4. Cops are always right and anyone who complains is on the side of murderers.

5. Democrats hate America, and guess who loves, America

6. Rich people are job creators–that is their only concern.

7. Cut taxes to reduce deficits.

The latest count reveals at least ten women have complained that Roger was a sexual molester. Now,you know why Donald likes him.

Michelle Hits Homerun

Michelle Obama gave a speech in support of Hillary Clinton that was among the best speeches ever given by a First Lady. She emphasized several points:

1. The importance of a President as a role model for children which means this leader must always speak thinking how his words will be heard by children. At this point in time, no one would allow their children to listen to any Trump speech.

2. She decried the idea that America no longer was a “Great Nation.” Instead, she made clear that America is “the Greatest Nation in the world.” Given the reality America’s economy is the envy of most nations in the world, this makes sense.

3. Hillary Clinton accepted being defeated by Barack Obama but worked hard for his election. Certainly, this comment was aimed at supporters of Bernie Sanders.

4. Hillary Clinton has been specific about her ideas once she became president, while Trump only talks in generalities.

5. You would trust Hillary Clinton as the one in charge of nuclear weapons, but the other guy would scare you to hell.

6. Hillary is a wonderful role model for young girls, it allows them to think that some day they might become president.

Christian Terrorists Strike!

It has now become the norm in the media to cite religions of those who commit terrorist attacks. It is aways, “Muslim terrorists.” But, for  some reason that designation is not employed when describing other terrorist events. No one says,
“Christian Nazis” nor “Buddhist Chinese” or “Christians slaughter over 800,000 in Rwanda. So,  this is our report on a recent terrorist attack in Florida:

“Christian terrorists slaughtered two people and wounded seventeen during an attack in Fort Myers, Florida. We have yet to learn the final total of this terrorist attack on innocent Americans.”

Of course, no one ever refers to “Jewish Israelis murdering Palestinians.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 2 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The last words of Hillary Clinton will be: thank God,no more emails!

Debbie Wasserman is a selfish egotist with great pride in being an idiot.

Perhaps, some Republican might explain who and what David Duke is to the great ignorant guy at the head of their ticket.

Once upon a time in American politics political leaders discussed issues,these days they are only concerned about who wrote what.

Donald Trump is NOT a racist. Proof? He had a Muslim imam give a benediction, and at least 20 of the 2,400 delegates were black folks.

Mystery of life–has Donald ever read ONE book on history or foreign relations?

Three hours of nonsense discussion on CNN about the Democrat emails!

Ivan should audition for a new TV series: “Bang,Bang, With Dad.”

Speech Ivanka Never Gave

This intrepid reporter was able to uncover remnants of a speech that Ivanka Trump intended to present, but for some reason, it never was given.

“My fahther is a wonderful man who is close to ordinary people. Each day he gives a warm,’hello’ to the doorman at Trump Towers. I have seen him on more than one occasion give the maid a nice warm touch on her rear end to express appreciation. He thanks the waitress who serves him, and as a reward, she gets her ass pinched. My fahther is a warm touching man who simply loves people.

OK, so some ask why my fahther never fought in Vietnam. Someone had to remain at home and bang the lonely wives, sweethearts and moms, didn’t they? Imagine the joy and hope he offered when they were afraid? I think that my fahther deserves credit for keeping love and sex alive when too many guys were off fighting. Oh, and he built homes and building to give people jobs, and with that money,they paid taxes to support the Vietnam War, so who else can we thank for that war?  Oh, and dad NEVER allowed himself to get captured like some Senator we know.

My fahther has always been concerned about Mexican immigrants. He hired them to work on his projects, and he paid them at least $5 an hour so they had money to send home and build things back in Mexico. MY fahther is responsible for the growth in the Mexican economy.

Now, some terrible people claim that my fahther supports Nazis like David Duke.   My fahther loves Jews, he urged me to marry a Jew so my child would inherit the Jewish ability to make money. You know how those Jews are– make a great deal and cheat the other guy. I guess in fairness, those same qualities came from my grandfather.

Anyway, I love my fahther and all he represents. Some go  bang, bang with guns, my fahther goes bang, bang with his penis. And, he loves all his children! So, vote for my fahther!!”

Donald Flunks History–Again

It is rather clear that Donald Trump and a history book never formed much of a friendship.  Donald on the origin of the European Union: “the reason it got together was like a  consortium  so that it could compete with the United States.” Now, if Donald Trump had taken my history course,he would have learned:

1. During World War II, most of Western Europe had been destroyed by the German army,and subsequent battles.

2. The American Marshal Plan was designed to help Europe rebuild itself, a condition for assistance from the US was for European nations to work together and share resources. America feared that unless Western Europe was rebuilt, communism might trump in their nations.

3. European nations came together AT THE REQUEST OF THE UNITED STATES. The last thing on their mind was competing with the United States. Their major reason was to restore the destroyed economies.

4. Actually, there was another  reason, American leaders wanted Europe to rebuild, SO THEY WOULD PURCHASE AMERICAN GOODS!!

Donald, have you tried reading a book?

Americans Want Gun Control?

I am old enough to have been alive when President Kennedy was murdered, when Martin Luther King was murdered, when MalcolmX was murdered and when Robert Kennedy was murdered. These killings aroused anger and call for legislation to curb guns. Famous last words. Fast forward nearly fifty years and guns are available to any nut case, any disgruntled person, and, certainly, to any terrorist in search of a killing. So,how come there are over THREE HUNDRED MILLION GUNS in America?

New poll by the Associated Press reveal that two thirds of Americans want a ban on assault weapons, they want a ban on high speed magazine for rifles, but there is no prospect any such laws will  be passed. The REAL problem is the US Supreme Court which has over turned rulings by Supreme Courts for generations that allow regulation of guns.

Oh, and the other  reason is Americans vote the wrong way!

Why Kids Kill

Another mass killing, another ongoing debate as to why some 18 year old boy who was educated in German schools after coming from Iran decided to blast away at a mall and murder nine people. Ali Sonboly and family  immigrated from Iran and he spent his childhood in Germany, a nation that has accepted a few million people from the Middle East. After his murderous rampage in a mall and at McDonald’s, ‘experts’ are now discussing why he became a terrorist.

Class mates indicate that “at school, Ali was often  bullied by others and really unpopular.  He seemed to have  hardly any friends.” This description fits  the Columbine boys who murdered their class mates in Colorado. The difference this time is that Ali had opportunities to read books such as “Why Kids Kill” and to spend hours engaging in discussions with angry Muslims.

The reason kids kill is clear –they confronted lives in which they came to believe they were outsiders and it was time to get revenge.






We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Surprised Donald did not take Rudy Giuliani, after all, he single-handedly saved New York after 9/11.

I await entrance of women who Donald sort of fucked around with.

So, evangelicals await the return of Jesus with one of America’s best fornicators!

The question Donald will never answer–HOW?

We believe in the right of everyone to have a gun, and then become shocked when they use the gun.

Ivanka loves her dad, but for some reason, not a word about her mom.

I am still concerned there were no words from the valet who works for Donald. How come?

We have shifted from worry about atomic bombs  to worry about one armed guy.

I wonder how many emails the average American deletes every day.

Someone should inform Chris Christie that he is still governor of New Jersey. All construction has stopped in the state, Chris, they need money!

Many Americans hate Wall Street powerful men, but for some reason, adore one of them for president.

I wonder if Donald purchases Power Ball tickets?

Three men mad about power: President Erdogan of Turkey, President Putin of Russia, and yet to be president Trump.