We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body


Sheriff Carson at OK Corral: “I’m just the sheriff, how about shooting at some women in church?”

Sheriff Carson confronting a robber on the streets: “I think you want one of those guys in uniform”

Sheriff Carson confronting a terrorist: “How about a physical checkup-for free?”

Sheriff Carson as mob approaches down the street: “People keep moving, but don’t crowd up.”

Sheriff Carson in Syria: “I want all of you to only shoot bad people,and I am not bad.”

Sheriff Carson in House of Representatives: “Now ladies and gentlemen, if you pass this bill, there is a free heart transplant waiting for you.”

Time For A Black President?

During the past seven years there has been a non-stop complaint that Barack Obama was: born in Africa, is not really a true American, and he hates America. Well, along comes Rupert Murdoch with the final dagger into the heart of Obama:

Tweet: “Ben and Candy Carson are terrific. What about a real black President who can address the racial divide?”

Finally, we now know that Barack was really a WHITE MAN disguised as a black man! I always suspected that Barack was not who he claimed to be. Remember when he was accused of hanging around with terrorist black ministers? Now, we know that he NEVER loved any white ministers. Now, we know that he was never really black, more like tan.

One problem: Fox News does not like black Presidents. So, can we transform Ben Carson-and Candy Carson–into sort of white on Monday and black the rest of the week folks?

And, the good news is that Ben Carson is really a man of all seasons. He is a doctor, and then he is a sheriff. It would be so great to have a President who confronted a man with a gun in Popeye’s and said: “No, you don’t want me, I think you want the guy behind the counter!” We need leaders like this!

So, Who Should Be Speaker?

The Republican party is having sort of a problem finding someone to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives. In the spirit of public service we offer some names that might be of interest to these people. Nothing in the Constitution says the Speaker must be a member of Congress.

1. How about bringing back Dick Cheney? He hates better than any Republican in the House.

2. There is nothing unconstitutional about having Ted Cruz hop over to the House for a few hours each day.

3. Carly Fiorina has extensive executive experience, after all she got fired, which certainly qualifies her to head up the mad men of the Republican party.

4. A long shot would be Jon Stewart. He is currently unemployed, he can get people laughing. And, if there is one thing Republicans need is a good laugh.

5. Personally, I like Ben Carson, his level of intelligence certainly qualifies him to join the merry band of ignorant men-and women.

6. Of course, there is always Vladimir Putin, he sure could get some organization and obedience among the wild men of Congress.

7. There are numerous two-bit dictators around Africa to fill the void and they certainly would add some color to the House.

8. Then again, there is always Donald, heck, he could handle the job on a consulting position.

Let’s Check Out Jesus

I continually see signs from Trump supporters that declare: “THANK YOU JESUS FOR DONALD TRUMP.” I decided it was necessary to go right to the Jesus guy myself and check out why he sent Donald Trump to planet Earth.

M: So, Jesus, why Donald Trump?

J: Who?

M: Donald,Donald Trump,the guy who has plans to change this planet.

J: Oh, the red haired guy who wakes me up every night with those incessant phone calls!

M: You mean that Trump actually speaks with you?

J: “Speak” would not be the word I would use. More like, shout and demand and insist that I return to Earth and appear at one of his rallies.

M: You mean that you would support Donald Trump for president?

J: Fred, it is now a question of whether I support him or he will buy out Heaven and kick me out!

M: So, what will you do, my good friend?

J: Well, I talked to Dad and he warned me to be careful because Donald has his eyes on the Big Guy in the sky job!

Let’s Investigate Comedy Hour

There would be important news from Washington DC. if the Republican Congress announced they were NOT going to investigate Hillary or Planned Parenthood or the Socialist ideas of Bernie Sanders. So, in the interest of investigation, we offer some issues to be investigated

1.Why the Republican party has problems deciding who will lead them in Congress.

2.Why the New York Knicks have not won an NBA championship in forty years.

3. Why McDonald’s is offering breakfast all day long.

4. The Ben Carson sort of laugh.

5. Whatever happened to Sarah Palin? Is she still alive or is she a prisoner of ISIS?

6.Why the House of Representatives does not have a comedy hour to liven up things.

7. Why did John McCain allow himself to be captured. Donald will be presiding judge, jury and executioner.

8. So, where exactly was Donald Trump during the Vietnam War?

Oh,I forgot,at least one more shot at Benghazi.

What About North Korea?

The American press and the American political scene is focused on issues such as the Middle East or the potential of an atomic weapon in the hands of Iranian leaders. Bibi Netanyahu is worried sick that ten years from now Iran MIGHT have a nuclear weapon. Of course, Israel already HAS atomic weapons but the world should trust Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu who continually demands attacks on Iran.

On the other hand, Admiral Bill Gortney, head of the Northern Command, reminded Americans there might be nation RIGHT NOW which can attack the US. He is greatly concerned about North Korea. “We assess that they have the capability to reach the homeland(USA) with a nuclear weapon from a rocket. i’m pretty confident that we’re going to knock down the number that are going to be shot.”

So, Iran has NO atomic weapons, but North Korea HAS them and we are worried about–IRAN??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, Newsday: “Rob Yogurt Store At Gunpoint”

So, which flavor was stolen?

Russia,Moscow Times: “No Easy Solution”

Have you checked with Ben Carson, he always had the easy solution.

France, Connexion: “Leaning Tower Approved”

For Republicans,that means lean to the right.

UK,Guardian: “Free Advice From Notary”

Pay your taxes?

Sweden, Local: “Town Hall Set On Fire”

The Tea Party handles getting rid of government.

Explaining Syria

Recent events in Syria have not been discussed in the American media, aside from calls for “more boots on the ground” Few American analysts have given the public an understanding of what is transpiring in Syria.

1. President Assad is frightened. He is scared of his allies in Iran. Assad now grasps that the Ayatollahs in Tehran are ready to dump him and get what they can from Syria.

2. The Iran Revolutionary Guard has grown powerful in Syria to the point where it is making decisions about the country’s future. The Iranians believe they no longer need Syrians in leadership positions.

3. The Alewives, from which Assad comes, are not the same type of Muslims as those in Iran. As one noted, “They are turning us back a thousand years. We don’t wear headscarves and we aren’t Shiites.”

4. Assad fears that Hezbollah will carve out a piece of Syria that borders Lebanon and just forget about Syria.

5. So, Assad has called in the Russians to balance Iran.

6. And, Putin wants Syria to be close to Russia so if Iran gains power in Syria, goodbye Russia!

Slogan Diplomacy

The emergence of Republicans to power in Washington D.C. has been accompanied by the resort to a slogan in order to resolve any and all problems in the world. Just shout a one liner and–poof, away goes the problem.

“Bomb Iran.” At no time did Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, or Ronald Reagan urge bombing our enemies. They relied upon diplomacy.

“Shoot them down.” Bib Netanyahu’s answer to the Palestinian issue is to resort to violence. The last time there was an Intifada, thousands of Palestinians died, along with over a thousand Jewish Israelis.

“Give Everyone A Gun.” People with guns kill people. Australia, after a mass shooting, ended the use of automatic weapons. Gun violence went down.

“Cut taxes.” During the 1950s the top tax rate was –91%! It was a boom time for jobs and wages.

“Arm Everyone.” How about kindergarten kids?

Sheriff Carson Warns Bad Guys

Ben Carson, by all accounts was an excellent surgeon who understood the process of making people healthy. Since he began pontificating about the world of politics, gun violence and world affairs, it is quite clear this man would have been the last one that a western town would have appointed as their Sheriff. He insisted that he just had to say something about gun violence and the death of several in an Oregon town.Here is the sage of the Republican party: “I would not just stand there and let him shoot me. I would say,’Hey guys, everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all.”

Very brave statement from someone who has never confronted people with guns. A famous study by S.L.A.Marshall regarding American troops fighting in Europe revealed that one third did not fire their weapons in order not to reveal their position. The world of facing those with guns is frightening.

Oh, Ben wants kindergarten teachers to be trained in self defense. Huh?