Netanyahu’s Buddy–Barack Obama?

For the past few years a common complaint of many American Jews is that President Obama does not “love Israel,” in fact, he “hates Israel.” Conservative Jews, particularly, Orthodox Jews are convinced their president has a hatred of the people of Israel and their government. So, what does the record show:

1. Under the Obama administration the DOME which destroys incoming missiles was heavily funded with American money.

2. Each year at least THREE BILLION DOLLARS was sen to Israel for its armed forces.

3. US intelligence has worked closely with the Mossad. They share information.


5. The US would help fund a $500,000,00o fund for joint military research.

With enemies such as these how can Israel even survive?

Equal Voting Rights In America?

The concept of gerrymandering election districts actually began in the early years of the new American republic. That meant a congressional district was designed in order to ensure that members of one political party gained victory in the district. Historically, congressional districts were supposed to all be of one size rather than dramatic differences in numbers. But, any politician can design the shape of a district to make certain those of his party are the majority. In fairness, a few states do make certain an independent group such as a Bar Association, is responsible for designing congressional districts. There has always been cries for equal rights in the design of a congressional district.

A new group in England, the Electoral Reform Society has decided to raise an interesting issue. They want the numbers of people in a district to be based on the number who actually vote rather than the number that reside in a district. If this goes through then conservative representatives would obtain more seats since wealthier people more often vote than poor people. Newly elected Prime Minister David Cameron will be pushing to have this “reform” the new law. Simply, another way to gerrymander a district!

So, Why The Girls Of War?

Among the most fascinating events of recent times has been the decision of hundreds, if not thousands of young Muslim females who have decided they wish to become Jihad Brides and help their brothers in the Middle East. For the most part these girls are from middle class families and, in many cases, have been excellent students in school. But, they, suddenly abandon school, their families, and their communities in order to take a plane ride to the Middle East. These Jihadi Brides share some common attitudes:

1. They are, for the most part, teenagers.

2. They make contact with Islamic terrorist groups on social media.

3. They seek sexual contact with terrorists. They want to marry and have children with these warriors.

4. They seek to adhere to Sharia law and its demands for obedience to their men.

5. They want to abandon their female freedom in order to become an obedient wife.

6. They apparently seek a man who is strong, who is virile and who will dominate them.

7. They want to become a devout Muslim who adheres to old traditions rather than modern ones.

They are girls seeking meaning in their lives and that meaning entails death and destruction!

So Who Is For Who In Yemen?

The Foreign Ministry of Iran has issued a statement that states it has “never shipped arms to Yemen because Iran does not see the need to do so. It seems as though the countries that accuse Iran are trying to cover up their own mistakes and failures while shifting responsibility on other countries in the region.” I ordinarily do not trust what any Iranian ministry says, but this time, I must admit they are speaking the truth. Examine the record:

!. The United States supported then President Saleh and sent him weapons and even sent US troops to assist in the training of his army.

2. The United States then decided that it did not like Saleh and supported Mr. Hadi who also received weapons of destruction.

3. The United States has been sending hundreds of drones into Yemen to kill the “bad guys.”

The US has sent the CIA, the Marines, the drones so how can we complain that Iran is “interfering” in Yemen. Oh, I forgot, when the US sends weapons they are simply supporting, not interfering!

On To Damascus!

There is a war going on in Syria. There is a war that has been going on in Syria for God knows how many years. There is a war going on in Syria in which God knows how many different groups have been fighting against the government of President Bashar Assad. At least 200,000 Syrians are dead. At least two million have fled their country seeking some place where people are not firing weapons at them and at each other. The al Qaeda Nursa Front has now asked members of the Alawite sect to abandon their support of Assad, hand over their weapons to them, and live in peace with their Muslim “brothers.” Assad is a member of the Alawite sect.

One wonders if God knows about this mad struggle between God knows how many groups of Muslims who spend their days killing one another. I wonder if God has some secret plan about this struggle. Perhaps, it is part of his plan to simply allow we humans to kill one another off!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: Teacher Strike”

Best news for students. No more teachers, no more homework!

UK,Guardian: “Veterans Gather At Dunkirk”

Hopefully, no Nazi planes blasting away as in 1940.

Sweden, Local: “Boss Resigns Over Theft”

This sure did not occur in a Wall Street firm.

Norway, Norway Post: “Fewer Foreign Criminals”

I sure wish that I am robbed by a native born American!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Refuse Duel With Wolves”

OK, just send in President Putin, he will take them on bare chested!

So, What’s New In Israel?

Israel has a prime minister and it has a President, but the president does not possess much power. We all know that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to bomb and take over land that originally was allocated to Palestinians by that organization known as the United Nations. Bibi refuses to have anything to do with the Hamas government in Gaza that originally in a democratic election gained power, because they are evil “terrorists.” However, President Reuven Rivlin has introduced the horrible idea that Israel might negotiate with the Hamas government. “I do not recoil at the idea of negotiating with any willing party.” Let me note:

1. The US and Israel have no problem with negotiating with China which is a dictatorship that engages in terrorist behavior toward Muslims in its country as well as against those in Tibet.

2. The US and Israel negotiate with Putin Russia a government that engages in terrorist behavior against its own people.

3. The US and Israel have relations with the dictatorship in Vietnam.

4. The US and Israel have relations with the government of Myanmar which engages in vast terror against Rohingyas in their nation.

I will not list African nations which contain governments that engage in terrorism and have relations with these two nations.

Saudi Air Force Bombs Away And Away

The nation of Saudi Arabia does possess an air force. Of course, never in their history has this air force ever confronted planes from another air force, but these guys are terrific at bombing villages and towns which do not contain any anti-aircraft batteries to shoot back at them. During the past three months these gallant warriors of the sky have been bombing, and bombing and bombing targets in Yemen in order to get rid of the Houthi rebels. At least two thousand innocent people have died at the hands of these noble warriors in the sky. No one knows how many children are dead. Oh, by the way, the dead people are Muslims. So, what is the fight all about:

1. Once upon a time there was a President of Yemen named Saleh. Well, the US and Saudi Arabia decided they did not like him anymore.

2. So they placed in power guy named Abu Hadi who became the new good guy.

3. A minority group known as the Houthi, offshoot Shiite Muslims, decided they wanted power. They hate al-Qaeda.

4. The US and Saudi Arabia hate al-Qaeda but they do not like the Houthis.

5. Somehow, the Iranians decided to help the Houthi which means that Saudi Arabis had to hate them.

We will be giving a test to determine if you understand this mess. The only certain thing we know is that the Saudi Arabia air force is bombing.

On The College Debt Crisis

As you recall, during the crisis beginning in 2007 when many major financial institutions sort of went south due to their incompetence, the American government rushed to the rescue just like the US Cavalry rushed to the rescue when Indians attacked. Eventually, under the administrations of George Bush and Barack Obama, we poured a few trillion dollars into those financial institutions and made them sort of healthy again. Actually, today they once again are doing things that might eventually result in another financial crisis. I am confident if that event happens, we can count on our government rushing in to prevent institutions that are “too big to fail” not to fail. But, for some reason, no one wants to rush in to save the lives of students who are deeply in debt of a figure that now has passed the trillion dollar mark.

Finally, finally, a group of Democratic US Senators have decided it is time for the cavalry to rush to the rescue of students in debt. They want government action to reduce debts and at least the government could reduce interest rates. I still do not understand whey our government has to make money off the hard work of students who simply borrowed in order to get an education. This education, if it results in higher wages, will produce extra money in taxes. Students seeking to become higher paid workers AID THE ECONOMY. Senator Bernie Sanders who is seeking the nomination for President, urges a “Wall Street speculation fee” tax that could be used to help pay off student loans. He also wants legislation that would finance low tuition state universities and thus allow ALL young people to go to college.

Oh Dem Muslims!

Something appears to happen to any member of the Republican party when asked about those “Muslims.” Senator Rand Paul, ordinarily is sort of a decent guy, but on his recent appearance on the Jon Stewart show, the magic word was posed to him-Muslims. Stewart asked his opinion on the desire by Muslims to build a mosque near ground zero of the 9-11 site. So, Rand just had to demonstrate that he was a man who opposed giving into Muslim terrorists. “When they told me that they were going to build a mosque at 9-111, I was horrified. If you want to march down the street and you’re part of the KKK, I’m horrified by that and object to that. I think it is a really, really, bad idea to build a mosque at the 9-11 site.”

I guess as a Jew it is a bad, bad, idea for Christians to build a church in New York City where there are a lot of Jews. After all, it was CHRISTIANS who implemented the Holocaust, and if one Christian took part in that horrible event, then ALL CHRISTIANS are responsible! What the hell do Muslims in America have to do with 9-11? No one has blamed all Christians for the horrors that daily occurred on that continent. Sorry, Rand, you must learn to hold your tongue when someone asks about MUSLIMS!