Monthly Archives: March 2007

Female Judges in Egypt

In March, the Egyptian Supreme Judicial Council approved the appointment of 31 females as judges and joined the ranks of Tunisia, Morocco and the Sudan, which already allow females to serve as judges. Newly appointed Judge Hanan Abdel-Aziz said, “This latest victory for women simply means that everyone’s beginning to recognize women’s rights and women’s potential. Our respected judges eventually realized how vital it is to have female chiefs of justice in our society.” Some critics noted only women who previously served as state prosecutors were appointed as judges.

Marriage Law Changing in Chile

Current marriage law in Chile requires couples to enter into a contract in which their assets are merged and the male partner legally takes full financial control. Many Chilean women enter marriage without full awareness of this provision. Under new legislation currently being discussed in the parliament of Chile, a new status known as “communal assets” would confer legal status on both parties and provide for equitable division of all assets in case of divorce. The new law will require the government to conduct extensive education to make women aware of the changes.