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Muslim Schools Not Emerging in France

Many experts expected a surge in creation of Muslim schools in France after the government banned wearing of headscarves in 2003, but no such development is happening. It appears the overwhelming majority of French Muslims prefer their children to attend a state run school. Le Reussite, is among the first Muslim schools created in recent years which has been successful in obtaining state funding. France does allow religious schools to secure funding from its Education Ministry.

Despite so many claims that French Muslims wish to remain apart from their fellow citizens, the figures indicate otherwise. There apparently is a strong desire to become part of French culture.

Bush Diplomatic Triumph–9% Turks Like US

Historically, Turkish people have always been friendly to the United States, but this is no longer true. The latest Pew Research Institute figures indicate only 9% of Turkish people have friendly feelings toward America and 77% worry about a US military attack upon their nation. Ironically, only 6% worry about Iran which the United States continually claims is the regional bad guy.

The United States desperately needs a new president who can create a more positive attitude in the world and end the idea that America is militarily threatening other nations. Bush has been a complete failure in this respect.

Hungarian Population Continues Decline

The Hungarian population is rapidly declining as is the case with many nations in eastern Europe. This is a world wide phenomenon with population figures going down in Japan and western Europe. Ironically, only nations which have large scale immigration such as the United States are reporting a surge in population. Perhaps, this is the best rationale why America should legalize our illegal immigrants, they are helping the nation to move ahead, not behind.

Putin Attacks US Policies

President Bush claimed he had looked into the eyes of President Putin and discovered a man with whom he could work. Now, that man is furious at Bush for establishing anti-missile bases in eastern Europe and planning to dispatch American soldiers to man these installations. Putin announced Russia would increase its military and promised to enhance its spying activities in the west.

Some day, some one will figure out George Bush’s mind and uncover a reason why the United States requires missile bases in eastern Europe. Bush continually claims these bases are aimed at Iran or North Korea or some unknown Muslim nation. The bases have infuriated the Russian government and increased world tension. Another Bush diplomatic triumph!

Red Cross Expelled from Ethiopia

The International Red Cross was ordered to leave Ethiopia within twelve days and cease its efforts to provide humanitarian relief to Somalian regions of the nation. The Ethiopian government which receives extensive support from the United States is engaged in conflict with people in these areas over issues of local autonomy. It is expected the expulsion of Red Cross workers will result in widespread famine in eastern Ethiopia.

The Bush administration is quick to condemn insurgents and terrorists for attacking civilians but it remains silent when its ally is involved in policies that will result in thousands of innocent people dying. It doesn’t make the six o’clock news when the Ethiopian government puts down those seeking local autonomy.

Arab Cynicism In Jerusalem

Khaled Amayreh, reporting from east Jerusalem found widespread cynicism concerning the Bush push for peace between Palestinians and Israel. Many Muslims believe the ultimate goal is for Palestinians to accept a reduced size independent nation in return for peace and some money. Hamas has been left out of negotiations even though a significant percentage of the Palestinian population regards them as supporting their goals for the future. As a Hamas spokesperson told Amayreh, “”only gullible people would give Bush the benefit of the doubt.”

The end result may well be creation of an independent Palestinian state, but what happens if once this entity comes into existence the population votes in a free election for Hamas? Has anyone in the Bush administration considered that possibility? I doubt it.

Filipino Discrimination in Arab World

in his autobiography, Malcolm X is amazed when reaching Mecca at the diverse population of fellow Muslims ranging from white to dark skinned people. He regards Muslims as being free of discrimination against other people because their religion encompasses such a diverse range of ethnic, social and physical peoples.

Recent evidence is that as Middle East nations have used their oil wealth to bring in immigrants from Asia, the situation is changing. Filipinos complain about job discrimination and even being allowed to eat in restaurants. As one put it: “You can see and feel discrimination every day in government agencies. If you are an expatriate, you just have to follow orders and you don’t have a right to complain.”

Chilean Laws Make Rape Convictions Difficult

Laws in Chile require evidence a woman has put up a struggle during rape in order to obtain a conviction. The assumption appears to be that unless a woman who is being raped can physically leave evidence on her attacker, then she really was not raped but consented to the sexual encounter.

Evelyn Sandoval was recently attacked, raped and killed by Cristian Tizvado who previously had been accused of ten attacks on women but was not put in prison. I assume when a man is attacked and beaten he is not required to present evidence that he fought back.

US Military Admits Planning for Retreat

Senator Hillary Clinton two weeks ago was berated by Pentagon spokesman Edelman for giving comfort to the enemy by asking about military plans to evacuate Iraq. We now quote from Bryan Whitman, Pentagon spokesperson speaking yesterday: “It’s not possible today to predict what the conditions may be in three months, six months or even a year down the road, but that doesn’t and should not preclude planning taking place.”

So, if Senator Clinton asks about planning she is aiding al-Qaeda, but if the Pentagon is planning to evacuate they are simply performing their patriotic duty to actually plan for the future!

White House Stonewalls Tillman Facts

Congressman Waxman continues his efforts to uncover the truth about whether or not President Bush deliberately hid facts about the death of Pat Tillman in a speech he gave to newspaper correspondents. There is considerable evidence of a public relations effort by the White House to use Pat Tillman’s death to stir up sympathy for the war in Iraq. The military knew almost immediately that Tillman had been killed by his own troops, but allowed newspaper stories to circulate about his heroism in battle against the enemy who killed him.

President Bush now claims Congress can not examine the draft of his speech to the correspondents. Of course, he has no qualms about allowing Congress to examine drafts of the State of the Union address.