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Cool It TV Commentators, Says Turkey Prime Minister!

Prime Minister Reecp Erdogan expressed anger at Turkish television commentators who were urging the government to take action and invade Iraq. He noted television programs were featuring former generals and military men who spoke in a jingoistic manner about the glory of war. “At times, I see commentators who are supposedly experts on the subject. They serve as public servants for provocation.” He noted as a prime minister he has obligations to engage in diplomatic exchanges, not talk wildly about war. Erdogan will meet with President Bush on November 5 and, “will openly tell him that we expect concrete immediate steps against the terrorists.” The Turkish prime minister says the manner in which Bush and Iraq respond to demands for neutralizing border regions to prevent terrorist attacks would be a critical test of sincerity on their part. Erdogan believes his nation is a “part of the world, and we should not forget that diplomacy has certain requirements.” He expressed willingness to engage in meaningful talks, but he also expected results will emanate from such exchanges. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party both said they would work with Iraqi and US officials to neutralize border regions and avoid violence.

Perhaps, President Bush might lean something about how a leader conducts himself in the midst of crisis. Erdogan is speaking in a tough manner, but always indicating receptiveness for discussion and dialogue with opponents. He is open to talking with various factions and does not demand preconditions for engaging in dialogue. Are you listening, Mr. Bush?

Swedish Politician Compares Integrating Immigrants With Dog Obedience

A Swedish politician offered an interesting comparison between the manner in which society integrates immigrants with how dogs and children are raised. Oistein Christoffersen told an interviewer that the integration of immigrants within Swedish society is akin to the manner in which adults train dogs and children regarding the importance of knowing boundaries. “We must take care that those who are here are properly integrated. That includes education in both language and how our society works. It is about setting boundaries and is no different than raising children or dogs.” He agreed that some people might misunderstand his words, but “everyone who has a dog knows what I mean.”

We understand, Mr. Christoffersen, there are dogs that never get potty trained and pee all over the place, and there are immigrants who simply don’t know what urinals are there for in homes or train stations. How could anyone misunderstand the importance of educating immigrants to fit into society and know their place in the greater Swedish nation. Of course, there is a slight possibility that Swedes might actually learn something from immigrants that would alter the manner in which Swedish people think or behave. I hear tell that some of those immigrants actually are better trained in obedience than dogs. By the way, Mr. Chritoffersen, is “training” the nature of education and “boundaries” the goals of critical thinking? Personally, I prefer people who can think outside the boundaries of conventional thinking.

What’s Wrong With George Bush Asks EU Environmental Leader?

The European Union’s Commissioner for the Environment, Stavros Dimas was enthusiastic about the EU’s move to confront issues of emissions, but disappointed in the failure of George Bush and the United States to adopt a serious program on global warming. “We are placing out best bets on renewable energy,” said Dimas, “and we have committed to a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020,” As far as the United States is concerned, Dimas commented: “The United States is now the country with the world’s highest emissions of carbon dioxide and energy use continues to grow. The effects are devastating..And I don’t understand why the Bush administration still refuses to take the steps that are obvious to everyone. A more climate-neutral economy holds great promise, not just for the environment, . This is now clear to many US politicians.”

Mr. Dimas is obviously unaware that President Bush has received information concerning global warming from the highest authority–God. In his dialogues with the Lord, the President has been made aware the entire topic of global warming is simply another liberal trick by do-gooders to halt the forces of American industry by worrying about a few glaciers that melt. There is absolutely nothing wrong with George Bush, his stupidity in inherent within his personality. How can you blame a man for being who he is?

The Tangled Mess Of Sudan And Darfur

The tangled mess of Darfur and Sudan continues with factions battling one another and themselves. UN – African Union, efforts to bring together various factions continue running into one obstacle after another as thousands die. The joint AU-UN team is trying to get people talking rather than fighting. The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudan Liberation Army(SLA) are not only opposing one another but within their own ranks several factions have broken away to create independent power groups. JEM Chief Ahmed Tugod Lissan said if they want us to come to peace negotiations, they have to remove the other rebel factions. He also accused the UN and AU of siding with the Sudan government. Meanwhile, the SLA head Abdallah Yehya said he needed time to get things straightened out among the various factions within his own group before there could be meaningful dialogue.

Some factions also object to having Libya be the site of meetings since they don’t trust its leader, Gadaffi. “Libya is not a neutral place,” said SLA commander Jar-el-Neby. But, another rebel leader, SLA chairperson and founder Abdel Wahad Mohamed el-Nur, who is supported by many people in Darfur, said he would not attend any meetings until UN forces are deployed in Darfur. It is quite clear confusion is the only constant in the morass of Sudan and Darfur. As these factions and interest groups argue and refuse to talk, thousands of people continue dying in Darfur. In a sense, the dying are the ones who should be at the negotiating table, but they will not be heard anymore than peace is present in the quagmire of Darfur.

Pakistan Suicide Bomber Misses Musharraf

Pakistan police halted a suicide bomber less than a quarter of a mile from where President Musharraf was staying. As they approached the man, he panicked and tried running away, but when police got closer, he blew himself up. At least 8 were killed and 40 wounded, including police, women and children. Last week, Pakistan troops attacked a stronghold of a radical cleric in the northwestern district o Swat that resulted in at least a hundred being killed. President Musharraf is now living with the results of Pakistan policies for over a decade to support the Taliban in Afghanistan and encourage radical Islamic elements all over Asia. No doubt it is much easier initiating violence than turning off the spigot of bombing and death.

Benazir Bhutto vowed to continue her campaign to regain the position of prime minister despite suicide attacks upon her by Islamic radicals. Sh insists a “democratic government is better equipped” to fight extremism than a semi-dictatorship such as that of Musharraf. One can only hope she is correct.

We Need Peace Now Says Palestinian Leader

President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated the need for achieving resolution of key issues at the upcoming Annapolis meeting if violence is to be averted in the Middle East. He identified a serious difference between his position and that of Israeli Prime Minister Olmert — he wants a detailed agenda working toward specific goals while Olmert prefers a vaguer document without a definite timetable. Abbas fears the outbreak of further violence in the region unless issues dividing the two groups are addressed and resolved.

Veteran Palestinian lawmaker, Hanan Ashrawi gave a guest lecture at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in which she pleaded for dialogue between the opposing groups. She stated bluntly the need by Palestinians for achieving peace with Israel. ‘Violence and extreme ideology of Israel feeds violence and extremism on the other side. And that’s what led to the election of Hamas.” She said you can’t wait until “every single Palestinian becomes peaceful” but must engage in dialogue. One step might be for both sides to cease dwelling on past statements since enough expressions on the desire for violence can be found among Palestinians and Israelis. It’s time to focus on the future.

Iraq Warns Turkey About Invading Their Nation

In an interview on BBC, Iraq Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, said his nation would not accept a major Turkish invasion of its territory. He noted about 100,000 Turkish troops are massed on the border backed by planes and tanks and prepared to invade Iraq. He admitted the situation was serious, and was upset because the Turkish government had shown no concern about working with the Iraqi government to reduce tension. Zebari warned of “serious consequences” of a Turkish incursion onto the soil of Iraq. “That’s why the whole government of Iraq and the whole people of Iraq are united really not to see their sovereignty, their territorial integrity undermined by a friendly neighboring country.”

One can only wonder if there is underlying fear on the part of Iraq that Turkey might use the excuse of terrorist attacks by the PKK as an excuse to gain control of large areas of Kurdistan, a nation whose existence offers hope to Kurds in the region for having their own united nation. The Kurdish government has been casting eyes on oil in the Mosul region of Iraq, something that might also be of interest to the Turkish government. This entire situation could and should have been forseen by the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld group when they launched the ill fated invasion of Iraq. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Based on Zebari’s comments that the threatened Turkish invasion has united all factions in Iraq, perhaps, the solution to violence in his country is finding a common enemy that will bring people together. The question is which enemy would unite Iraq and which would not result in extensive violence?

Saudi King Abdullah Lectures West On Terroism

Robert Fist, writing in the British newspaper, The Independent, ripped into visiting King Abdullah as a hypocrite whose claims to fight terrorism can only be described as laughable. Saudi Arabia has been funding madrasas schools all over the world which preach hatred toward the west and modernism and educate children to be willing to die by becoming suicide bombers. The Saudi government funded and aided the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, and most of the 9/11 bombers came from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. Yet the King claims his country is fighting terrorism. During the 1980, notes Fisk, it was Saudi Arabia which helped fund and provide equipment for Saddam when he invaded Iran and launched gas attacks– using components from America for the gas equipment– that killed thousands of Iranians. There were no protests either by Saudi Arabia or the Reagan administration in Washington D.C. It was Saudi Arabian religious scholars who backed the Taliban when they destroyed ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, it was the Saudi government which destroyed the ruins of ancient Jewish settlements in their land because they didn’t want evidence Jews had ever been present on the Arabian peninsula. As Fisk notes, “The sad awful truth is that we fete these people, we fawn on them we supply them with fighter planes, whiskey and whores.” And, a nation in which 14 girls in March, 2002 died in a fire because religious police didn’t want them leaving the building without proper Muslim attire, the British Foreign Office claims their nation shares “common values” with Saudi Arabia. Do those values include chopping off the heads of gays?

The bottom line is as long as western nations desperately need the oil of Saudi Arabia they will fawn and bow before the reactionary oil merchants of the Middle East.

New Katrina Scandal Emerging In California Fire Fighting Fiasco

In the midst of recent fires that swept California, President Bush pointed proudly to Republican Governor Arnold Schwarezenegger as an example of how tragedies could be avoided with proper leadership, a dig obviously directed toward the Democratic governor of Louisiana’s performance during the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. It now appears the Republican governor made numerous mistakes, as did the military, in providing assistance to those fighting fires. After 2003 fires, a commission set up by Governor Schwarzenegger urged purchasing more planes and working in close coordination with military air borne capabilities. The Associated Press reported that Marine, Navy and National Guard air planes and helicopters were not all available due to lack of personnel needed for use in getting the planes into the air. Two National Guard cargo planes lacked the right equipment to make them effective in fighting fires. After insisting for four days that winds were responsible for failure to get the planes airborne, the Republican governor then blamed lack of Forest Park spotters.

US Agriculture Deputy, Mark Rey, who oversees the Forest Park Rangers says the lack of equipment is “probably something we have to look into.” One can only wonder how diversion of planes and personnel to fight in Iraq was a factor in lack of personnel and equipment in the California fire fighting fiasco. It is clear, the governor’s own commission urged purchase of additional planes, but this was not done.

Campigan Has Begun–Smearing Hillary Clinton

The 2008 presidential campaign has gotten off to the course most political experts expected would be taken– a smear campaign on YouTube directed against Hillary Clinton. Peter Paul, former supporter of Clinton, launched a vicious YouTube piece (produced with assistance of two men who created anti-Kerry smears in 2004) which depicts the senator as a power mad individual. According to Paul, “Her abuse of power as reflected in my case should make everybody pause about entrusting hr with the reins of power.” Mr. Paul is a convicted felon who is now awaiting sentencing on stock fraud about a company that Clinton refused to have anything to do with.

The Paul video will be followed by many more such pieces in an effort to destroy the reputation of Hillary Clinton. Republicans will stoop to every and any form of smear campaigns in order to win because they lack a coherent program about Iraq, the economy, health care or how to aid our veterans.