Barack Obama Wins Iowa Primary

As results poured in from Iowa caucuses, it became increasingly clear that Barack Obama has won a smashing victory of his main opponent, Hillary Clinton. It is projected that Obama will obtain about 37% of the votes, John Edwards will get 30% and Hillary Clinton will secure 30% of the caucus votes. Bill Richardson is trailing way behind. In the Republican primary, former Governor Mike Huckabee won by obtaining 34% of the vote to Romney’s 25% while Fred Thompson and John McCain trailed with about 13% of the vote for each.

The indications are strong that Obama will win in New Hampshire and enter major states with the momentum of being a winner. Hillary Clinton has run a campaign of the past rather than one of the future. Her decision to be cautious, to be middle of the road, to lack passion, is resonating in all the wrong ways with voters. They are seeking change and Hillary Clinton simply projects the past and present which are not that attractive to many Americans.

  • Beth Alarid

    Hm, So i am happy with this but nonetheless not utterly confident, hence i’m about to research a little more.