1Ferguson Conflict: It’s Just Human Nature

The city of Ferguson, Missouri is composed of a population which is over sixty percent African America who are supporters of the Democratic party. For some strange –or is it natural reason– five our of six members of the City Council are white, and the mayor is white. Former mayor Brain Fletcher, a Republican who used to represent a city in which the majority were Democrats, has his own take on current problems in Ferguson. “Sure, we’re segregated. Most cities are. People want to be with people that look like them, think like them, talk like them. It’s human nature. It doesn’t mean its bad.”

This statement sums up the problem in Ferguson. Whites like Fletcher feel besieged by the majority. There only hope for survival is to control the police department which means they have the guns, and blacks only have riots. Ferguson needs, more than anything else, a democratic government in which the majority rules. Rather old fashioned idea.