6% Non Solution

The city of Ferguson, Missouri has about 23,000 inhabitants of whom about 62% are of African American background. But, the mayor is a white man, and five of six members of the City Council are whites. So, how come? It turns out that on election day, only SIX PERCENT of African Americans decide to cast a ballot. This enables the minority white population to become the majority Ferguson government operation. Yes, the murder of Michael Brown was a brutal act of murder by a white cop. Yes, pent up anger has resulted in massive demonstrations and looting an violence due to the murder of a black youth.

Perhaps, it is time for black inhabitants of Ferguson to take a good look in the mirror and explain why they refuse to vote, they refuse to elect blacks to the government of Ferguson, and they have handed over government to those who hate blacks. Yes, the problem is white bigots. But, also, YES, is failure on the part of black Americans to stand up in lines and cast ballots for the right people to run Ferguson. Unless, black Ferguson Americans begin acting like black people, the murder of innocent blacks will continue!