A Foreign Policy Gone Adrift

Another day, another bombing in Gaza. Two buildings happened to be twelve stories high which automatically makes them suspect of harboring terrorists who direct rocket attacks into Israel. Another day, another blasting of places which might harbor terrorists, but certainly are the homes of people residing in the hell known as, “Gaza.” The IDF sent a warning that “Israel is currently attacking and will continue to attack every area from which terror activities against Israel originate.” The current box score is about 17,000 houses are destroyed and at least 100,000 people are homeless.

We do not disagree that a nation has a right to strike back when rockets are sent into its territory. Of course, nations have the right of defense when attacked. BUT, what comes after the response? Is there a long range foreign policy present in the Israel government? Or, is the policy to never stop? The Israel government is perfectly clear about its policies of defense, but doe sit also have policies that seek to end violence in the future? What is the foreign policy of Israel regarding fostering of an independent Palestinian state that can assume responsibility for creating peace within its borders? THAT is the unanswered question in Gaza?