A Plan For Iraq That Might Work

American planes are blasting away at ISIL or ISIS –depending upon how you wish to term this group of murderers. We bomb, they retreat–for the moment. As these bombs fall, back in Baghdad, politicians are throwing verbal bombs and threats at one another. Sunnis are still furious at the anti-Sunni behavior of just departed Nuri al-Maliki, and many Shiites are worried the new government might offer Sunnis too many promises of equal treatment. Meanwhile, Kurds in northern Iraq just want heavier weapons with which to fight ISIL. IN a nutshell, no group in Iraq is happy with the present arrangement of power. Perhaps, it is time to offer groups in Iraq another version of government.

1. Divide Iraq into three states.

2. One state would be for Kurds, one for Shiites, and one for Sunnis.

3. Of course, we could create four states which would provide for secular folk disgusted with any form of religion.

4. Then again, we could create five states leaving one for Christians and any other group which feels left out of the current situation–like Yazidis.

5. Of course, we could create a sixth state for American soldiers.

In other words, some form of federal government is necessary for Iraqis–at least for the following fifty years. Perhaps, in 2065, those still in the area might be ready for one nation!