A Snip In Time Restores Virginity

I realize Republican candidates for president are concerned that immigrants come to our shoes in seek of work. But, what about immigrants who arrive in order to have a doctor do some snipping? In Denmark, many immigrant Muslim females are seeking the aid of doctors in order to restore their virginity and thus be able to marry a nice Muslim boy who wants a nice Muslim virgin, one on Earth that is, not one in heaven.

Dr. Christine Felding has been helping such young women and defends Operation Virginity. “I don’t have any scruples in helping. The important thing is that these girls have good lives. You could  call it a form of foreign aid.”

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are upset that “foreign aid” is being used to help immigrant girls. I am upset that foreign nations will soon surpass America in the virginity race. This is simply one more reason why Americans must vote to get rid of Barack Obama and restore America as Number One in Virginity!