Abortion Wars Continue In Texas

It is over forty years since a Supreme Court in America ruled that women had the right to control what happened to their bodies. Ironically, those who decry “government” imposing restrictions of my right to carry weapons, believe fervently that government has the right to tell a woman what she can do or not do with her body. Ironically, those opposing government laws requiring people to have health insurance support the right of government to regulate women’s behavior. Ironically, those opposed to government laws requiring that all children have access to day care or adequate food and shelter, believe government can regulate women each day of the year.

Texas, like many states has passed laws that impose severe restrictions on abortion facilities. Texas demands that doctors have access to hospitals prior to acting like a doctor in an abortion clinic. The Texas legislature imposes restrictions on every facet of an abortion clinic. Naturally, the Texas legislature would never impose such restrictions on a business operation. Many Texans believe the war against women is a must, but the war for decent living is not!