All Quiet On Ferguson Front?

One hundred years ago in August, 2014 the Guns of August signified opening of World War I. The Guns of August in 2014 signified opening of the battle for Ferguson, Missouri. As with August, 1914, the battle commenced with death of a person at the hands of a man holding a gun. In 2014, the man with the gun was a government employee while the victim was just another street dweller who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In both cases, mass hysteria followed the shooting. In 1914, huge crowds marched in city streets shouting their desire for revenge, for war, and the joy of battle. In 2014, crowds marched through streets chanting hatred toward the government of Ferguson, Missouri. Ironically, those shouting anger represented two thirds of the city, but they never had any interest in running the city. Marchers preferred being run than doing the running and policing.

So, for the moment there is All Quiet On The Ferguson Front. A major issue yet to be decided is whether black inhabitants of this city desire to take it back from white bigots by voting in the next city election? If they do, if they gain control of Ferguson, then black inhabitants will dwell in a city run by themselves! I wonder if they will vote?