An Imaginary Conversation With A Tea Party American

Hi, I just wanted to interview a member of the Tea Party about the Ebola problem in Africa.

M: Sir, I assume you are against any and all immigrants?

TP: Absolutely, we Americans should mind our own business and let the rest of the world do as it wishes.

M: Would you send American doctors to Africa to help with the Ebola epidemic?

TP: Hell, no. If Africans get a damn disease, keep it in Africa, it is none of our business.

M: But, hundreds already are dead.

TP: None of my business if Africans die, hell, they die every day.

M: What if it spreads to other parts of the world, to America, for instance?

TP: We need a new wall to prevent illegal diseases from entering our nation.

M: How would a wall help?

TP: If no one from Africa can enter our nation, and they die in Africa, we are safe.

M: Can we really wall ourselves off from diseases that quickly reach all parts of the world?

TP: Spoken like one of them liberal Socialists who wants to take health from Americans by mixing with filthy Africans.

M: Are you saying we should not prevent this disease?

TP: Look at the bottom line. If all Africans die, then we Americans can get their natural resources and become even wealthier. After all, to the rich and powerful god the riches!