Another Day Of Peace In Holy Land?

Jerusalem is a city which is holy to people of three religions which would lead an objective outsider to consider engaging in violence within its perimeters to be a violation of religion. However, when it comes to the Holy Land of Palestine-Israel, the operating mode of behavior is to resort to war and violence in curbing activity that suggests any sort of religious intent. Violence once again broke out at the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is regarded by both Jews and Muslims as a holy site. Naturally, since both term it “holy” what else to do by engage in violence on the site. Palestinian youth threw stones at tourists at the site and this resulted in Israel police entering and firing rubber bullets at the demonstrators. There were rumors religious Jews were planing to enter the area and enter the mosque. This did not occur.

Ordinarily, religious individuals respect the holiness of a religious site and avoid doing anything violent out of respect to those who founded the religion. But, heck, this is a bunch of Israelis and Palestinians who have nothing to do with their lives other than finding somne excuse to engage in fighting. How about some LOVE!