Barack Obama, Enemy Of Politicians

There is scant doubt that Barack Obama does not enjoy the dirty world of politics. He intends to stand above, away and beyond any connection with “politics” and trades and giving politicians something for their vote. After all, he is the PRESIDENT. Unfortunately for Barack Obama he never studied the history of successful American presidents. Abraham Lincoln traded laws for votes, how else the 14th Amendment getting through Çongress. Need a new Post Office in your district, OK, but you must vote for my law. Franklin Roosevelt spent time each day talking with members of Congress, identifying which bills they needed to be passed in order to continue in office. In exchange for his largess the Congressman votes for the bill desired by the President. Lyndon Johnson needed Republican votes to pass the Civil Rights bill which granted equal rights to minorities and women, he go them by working to meet their political needs. The essential task of American presidents is to think about members of Congress and what they need in order to continue in office.

Failure on the part of Obama to adopt this attitude is part of his problems with Congress. Few Democrats in Congress have ever enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss political needs with their president. After all, a President is leader of his political office. Barack Obama has never understood that concept. He remains aloof from the dirty world of politics, and this is a piece of the puzzle for his terrible relations with Republicans–and Congressional Democrats! He is among the most inept political Presidents in our history.

Sorry, Barack, a great President is a great political leader!