Behead Foes For God

A British journalist, James Foley, was beheaded in Iraq by a member of the Islamic State for Iraq and Syria(ISIS). The world was provided a photo of a Jihadist man whose face was covered in black holding up a knife. Islamic Jihadists are not only the only terrorists who feel glory in chopping off the head of a defenseless person, this behavior was very common among Japanese soldiers during World War II. Most fascinating about this act is how those inflicting the sword feel proud. They just have to display their work of terror to the world. For them, it is an act of strength, not weakness. For them, it is a display of an “my enemy will never defeat me” attitude. They wallow in pride, they wallow in proving ISIS is the supreme power in the Middle East.

Those who chop off heads denigrate their enemies. They show no respect for those who oppose them. ISIS soldiers for God believe that God only cares about them, and has no compassion for any other human. Inn one respect, this attitude suggests that “God” is NOT the creator of the world. If He were the Creator surely love and compassion would be felt for all life forms. ISIS followers believe in a God who restricts his love to a chosen few. All, but those who believe in the ISIS version of God must die because they are not human. Such is the mind set of a human who beheads the innocent.