Believe It Or Not!

Every so often a story captures my attention that pertains to discrimination in the United States of America. I am now 84 years of age, and lived through the fight for equality that, we thought in the Supreme Court decision in 1954, Brown vs Board of Education would witness the end this separation of Americans. Alas, the evidence just is not there to support any belief discrimination is on the way out in America. A report from New York City reveals that NOT A SINGLE BLACK OR HISPANIC STUDENT IN NINETY SCHOOLS PASSED STATE EXAMS IN MATH OR READING! Wow! I have been engaged in the field of education for over fifty years and taught over 10,000 teachers. I am flabbergasted at this figure. I simply do not understand how this could occur.

Something is wrong in schools. Something is amiss. There are only two explanations for this figure: either black and Hispanic students are intellectually backward or the New York School system is incompetent! Perhaps, New York City schools have to go back to square one: focus on creating a learning environment in each and every classroom. Make each and every student feel a sense of accomplishment. This begins with ending testing and concentrating on making the act of learning enjoyable to each student.