Blame ISIS On Black Dude!

In a recent Fox News authoritative report, Mr. Baghdadi, leader of ISIS was identified as another of those terrorists who were released by President Obama. It has now become an accepted “fact” that the man who claims to be leader of the new Muslim state of ISIS was prisoner of America until the black dude allowed him to get a pass out of jail and head to the Middle East. Mr.Baghdadi was released in 2004 when George Bush was president. I can not pick up a newspaper published in America without encountering a demand that President Obama DO Something! Here is the reality:

1. The growth of ISIS, the growth of al-Qaeda stem from policies initiated under the administration of George Bush and his merry band of so-called “Middle East experts.” THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATION OF ISIS.

2. OK, Bush left in January, 2009, so after that moment, Barack Obama is responsible for what happens. But, the overwhelming majority of Americans insisted they wanted all US forces out of Iraq. Barack Obama did what the people wanted- he left the scene.

3. As I recall, the incompetent leader of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki, came into office during the Bush administration. Barack Obama inherited this sectarian stupid person who is mainly responsible for creation of groups such as ISIS. If Obama had attempted to remove him by force-the only possible way- Republicans would have gone wild with angry.