Bring In The Kids!

Both the Barack Obama administration and the Republican party are united in seeking to return 50,000 children to their homes in Central America. Both parties accept the belief that potential workers in America area drain on our resources. If each child drank a carton of milk each week, the children would consume 200,000 cartons of milk each month and over two million each year. Think of how many jobs that creates for farmers, truck drivers, and staff in super markets. Each of those extra workers would be paying Social Security as well as millions of products. Thirty years ago there were three people working for each on Social Security, the figure is now two. America needs workers who pay Social Security, it needs people who work, earn money and spend that money inn products. The eleven million illegal workers have created, at minimum, a few millions jobs. These illegal immigrants also have been paying into Social Security.

Oh, the 50,000 children will create at least 2,000 teaching jobs. This means more teachers, more people working, more money being paid to state and federal governments. Of course, most of these 50,000 will be in an education, several thousand might become shop owners or scientists or high tech workers. The more people a society has, the more its economy expands. This blog believes in the concept of a trickle up, not a trickle down into the economy!