Broken Windows, Broken Bodies

It has become the ongoing mantra within police departments for over twenty years that if police crack down on petty crimes such as a broken window, the end result would be fewer major crimes. One result of this theory has been a huge growth in the number of people in jail. The United States of America currently leads the world with people in prison. Naturally, the vast majority of those in prison are there due to the infamous “Broken Windows” theory. Another result has been directing police to crack down on behavior that is technically criminal such as selling untaxed cigarettes. The recent murder of Eric Gardner by New York police was caused by his selling such cigarettes and police anxious to increase their arrest record.

Perhaps, it is time to create a new theory. “Broken Corporate Policies results in Broken Middle Class people reduced to poverty. If government bodies paid as much attention to cracking down on crime in business, we might have a wealthier middle class.