Comrade Putin Speaks

This blog has been able to obtain an exclusive interview with our beloved Comrade Vladimir Putin who was speaking from the inner sanctum of the Kremlin.

M: So, Comrade Putin, how do you respond to Western claims that Russian troops are now in Ukraine?

P: Gallant courageous young men from our beloved Russia heard there were Nazi troops on our border, they did the only thing a patriot could do-they are standing up for freedom

M: But, do they have the right to enter another nation?

P: The people of Ukraine are really Russians at heart, they called out for our boys, and our boys came to their rescue.

M: But, Ukraine is a separate nation.

P: I have been forced by the fascists in Ukraine to aid the people of Ukraine secure their freedom.

M: But, the Ukraine army is fighting to unite their country.

P: And, we Russians are fighting to free the people of Ukraine from Nazi Fascists!

M: But, you could create a war in Europe.

P: Then again, we could go to the Arctic and secure control over this area.

M: Huh? What does the Arctic have to do with Ukraine?

P: You are one not so bright person. We will take control of Arctic, and then the Ukraine.

M: And, what comes after that?

P: My dream: THE WORLD!