Domestic Violence And Work

A controversy has arisen in the National Football League concerning to what extend should it have rules and regulations regarding what is done to players who are guilty of domestic violence. A player, Ray Price, was suspended, but critics insist on much more severe penalties to those who batter wives. Lost in this discussion is our relationship as employees in organizations and what transpires in our home life. There ARE laws governing behavior in a family. There ARE penalties for those who use force upon wives or children. The real issue is whether or not my employer should step in and penalize me because I abuse women?

Once the door is opened allowing my boss to decide whether I am punished for what happens in my family, this means society allows my employer to intrude into the daily lives of its employees. This could be a disastrous event. Does my employer now decide punishment if I do not attend religious services? Does my employer govern my social interactions? I work for some dude. Period. At work, my boss can decide what I do at work. But, no employer should decide what I do in my private life. If a football player is a wife beater, his team could provide access to therapy. But, it has no right to decide any other punishment. Keep the two worlds apart-my job and my home life!