Explaining Pakistan-Simply!

Let me explain to any and all Americans the presence in this world of a nation that is known as: PAKISTAN.

1. Pakistan is an independent nation located in southeast Asia.

2. It has a government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

3. It has General Rahed Sharif who heads the armed forces.

4. There is no family connection between Rahed and Nawaz.

5. There has been a civil war raging in Pakistan since before any reader was born.

6. Imran Khan is a famous person who used to play cricket and now wants to play prime minister.

7. Naturally, General Sharif met with him to discuss politics.

8. Muslim terrorists daily blast this or that Pakistan city.

9. The people of Pakistan have absolutely no idea what their army does other than meet with politicians.

10. But, the people of Pakistan know their army does not enjoy meeting or taking orders from the prime minster.

To sum up, terrorist wander the cities of Pakistan killing folk while Muslim insurgents blast away in rural areas.

To sum up, for members of the armed forces, most soldiers should be stationed on the border with India since no terrorists are coming from that direction.

I assume you now understand Pakistan. I don’t!