Father Of The Year!!

I assume within the jihad movement in the Middle East there must be awards to mothers and fathers who do the best job of raising little Jihad boys and girls. For a true jihadist, the ultimate glory in life is to participate in some glorious blast that kills innocent people as well as self. What could be more nobler than death itself? Nasser al-Sharyeq is a dad who lives in Saudi Arabia and his wife has divorced him. Naturally, since this is Saudi Arabia dad was given custody of the ten and eleven year old boys. To be honest, Saudi Arabia is not the sort of country in which dad takes time off on weekends to play some sport with the boys-kicking a soccer ball or shooting baskets is not in the repertoire of the typical Saudi dad.\

His ex-wife just received an Instagram from her former hubby in which he informed her that the boys and he were currently in Turkey, but headed for the big lights in Syria. He uttered some warm words of comfort to the mother of these boys. “Count your children as birds in heaven” because dad was taking them to Syria in order to join the fight.

Too bad we just missed Father’s Day in June. Just think what a wonderful Father’s Day it could have been for Mr. Shayyeq if he and the boys were up in heaven!!