Ferguson -A Living Symbol

The firers of anger have yet to die down in the city of Ferguson, Missouri. One young man is dead, but the violence of his death continues to tear at the souls of those who remain living. A young man is dead because he became engaged in a conflict with those who protect the lives of Ferguson, Missouri. No, he was not engaged in any aspect of the drug trade. No, he was not smoking coke. No, he was not engaged in the act or burglary, no, he was not engaged in any form of violence to another. But, he is dead. What exactly was his “crime?” He was walking down the street and somehow instilled in the police that by walking down a street his presence somehow constituted an act of violence toward them. I understand that the act of walking down a street might instill fear within the police of Ferguson, Missouri. I also assume thousands of people are walking down a street every day of the year in Ferguson, Missouri.

For some reason THIS young man created a sense of fear for police. This is at the crux of what is wrong with the “broken windows” philosophy of halting crime. The police of America devote an enormous amount of time and effort to handling critical issues of crime and safety by cracking down on those who walk down the street with the wrong attitude. Or, they sell cigarettes without a license. Or, they smoke a joint of marijuana. The result of this approach to handling crime is the fact more people are in prison in America than in any other country on this planet!!

Just imagine if police took the same approach toward those on Wall Street who steal billions from the American people. Just imagine if police cracked down on swindlers and hustlers who rob innocent people of their life savings? The banks of America wiped out the savings of millions and NOT A SINGLE BANKER WENT TO JAIL! But, Michael Brown is dead because he angered a policeman by walking down a street! Such is life in America in the year, 2014!