Ferguson Follies

During my forty five years in the St. Louis area, I spent many working with teachers in Ferguson, Missouri. Frankly, as far back as I can recall, the city was poor, most folks in it were black who had taken over the decrepit area when whites began to move out in the 1950s. In other words, Ferguson was just another typical black area in the state of Missouri. Over the years its schools gradually became all black, a handful of white teachers remained in order to get their pensions, and it was generally agreed that Ferguson schools were not the place to send one’s children. Suddenly, after years of being completely ignored by the media, the people of Missouri, Ferguson is now in the news-big time. What caused this shift from being a place no one knew or cared to know?

Simple, just have the police blast away at some unarmed kid. OK, the police argue that Michael Brown was being thrust into a police care when he broke free and ran away. Naturally, and I do mean, Naturally, police ran after him blasting away with their guns. The police had absolutely not a shred of evidence that Michael Brown had any weapon or intended to do bodily harm to anyone. But, they shot an unarmed teen ager. Yesterday during the day and night, the streets of Ferguson were filled with angry people, some throwing Molotov cocktails at the police.

I guess, finally the police have evidence someone is attempting to do bodily harm.