Ferguson Police Tweak The Story

It was simply a matter of time before Ferguson police revealed additional information about Michael Brown which would reveal this teenager was some form of notorious criminal. We now know the name of the officer who shot the boy was Darren Wilson. We now have been informed by the Ferguson police that Michael Brown was a “suspect” in the robbery of a convenience store which resulted in $48.99 being stolen and a clerk “shoved.” Of course, we also now know that when officer Wilson approached Michael Brown he had no idea that this teenager was a “suspect.” The best we can determine is that officer Wilson thought Brown was “blocking traffic.” At this point, there are two versions as to what ensued. Wilson claims Brown assaulted him when he told him to cease blocking traffic. Eye witnesses insist Wilson attempted to drag Brown into his car, but the boy broke away. The only thing upon which there is agreement is that officer Wilson blasted away hitting Brown with several shots. Oh, the other thing everyone agrees happened is that Michael Brown is dead.

Looting and violence continue in Ferguson. Fortunately, the Missouri State Highway Patrol has taken charge of Ferguson. Reporters complained to Captain Ron Johnson of this group that Ferguson police do not carry a name band and refuse to provide their names when requested. “I can’t set the rules for another police department.”

P.S. Of the 53 members of the Ferguson police department, exactly three are black skinned officers. This in a town which is over 60% black. I wonder why?