France Says No To Russia

During the past few years the French government has been engaged in working cooperatively with Russian attempts to improve the quality of their naval forces. After being urged for nearly a year by the United States, France has finally informed the Russian government it would not deliver a Mistral class amphibious vessel which originally was sold to them for about $1.7 billion. Naturally, the Russian government shrugged off the comment and insisted this refusal would not impact their naval plans. Hogwash! Neither China nor any other nation in the world aside from those in the West has the technical knowledge to build such vessels. There is not much to the Russian navy, and now there is even less.

The message from this refusal is one that every member of the European Union should heed. End ALL relations with Russia. Ban flights to and from Russia. Ban exports or imports to and from Russia. Hit Russia in the economic belly in order to finally get across to Putin that Russia is not economically capable of standing alone in the world!