Gee-Do They Grow Opium In Afghanistan?

During the past several years this blog has been urging an end to destroying opium crops in Afghanistan in order to win support of farmers. Apparently the unofficial word in the American military is to end the “eradication” program of destroying opium which has only resulted in gaining new support for the Taliban. General Stanley McChyrstal made it clear to everyone by emphasizing, “U.S. forces no longer eradicate.” At a time when drug lords kill American citizens in border areas, it is unusual to find pictures of American soldiers in Afghanistan walking past fields flush with the latest opium crop. Ironically, the government of Afghanistan is not thrilled with the new policy, but, they rarely receive enthusiastic support from their own people.

The basic argument of those who want to eradicate fields of opium is that the Taliban intimidate farmers and thus gain money to support their military activities. A simple solution is having the United States purchase the entire opium crop. Of course, an even better idea would be to legalize drugs in America and have the government handle selling of drugs. But, that is too logical for modern America.