Guns Of Gaza Never Silent

The IDF continues its assault on Gaza as part of the program to destroy every aspect of Hamas. The goal is clear–ensure that Hamas is unable to launch any attack upon the people of Israel. At present, Hamas, and its unofficial allies, are prepared to drop some rockets across the border in hope they will come down some place where people dwell. Most probably of the alleged 10,000 rockets prior to the IDF invasion, about 5,000 still exist. There are two central issues confronting Israel:

1. How to make ineffective as weapons of destruction those rockets and missiles?

2. What is the long term policy towards Hamas?

Of course, there are always those in Israel who accept blasting away at Gaza every four years of so. For them, this policy can last throughout the century. The war party recognizes their policy is at present rather popular among most Jewish citizens of Israel– about twenty percent of people in Israel are NOT Jews. On the other hand there are Israelis who understand war has to end-hopefully in their life time or it will be a legacy for future generations. The bottom line of Israel foreign policy is that WAR MUST CONCLUDE. The only question is: HOW, AND UNDER WHICH CONDITIONS?

Then again, there are groups in Israel who will never surrender their dream of conquest–and war.