Hamas And Bargaining

A month has gone by, a month in which nearly two thousand people in Gaza were killed. A month has gone by in which about 67 Israeli soldiers were killed in combat along with a couple of civilians. For Hamas, this is a great “victory!” Mousssa Abu Marzout, a ranking Hamas leader, insists his organization can not, not will not, accept anything less than a solution which will “fulfill” Hamas demands. At this moment, there is a supposed five day cease fire that is anything like a cease fire. Hamas leaders are upset at “certain phasing and details” which are the focus of discussion. Let me get this clear, after subjecting the people of Gaza to a horrific bombing, Hamas leaders are now worried about “phasing” and details!

Hamas leaders are living in a cocoon. They have no contact with the real world which exists outside of Gaza. Fellows, you did NOT win any battle. You did NOT win any war. If Israel desires, the situation could become worse for people in Gaza. What can be done by Hamas?

1. Enter into a coalition government with the Palestinian Authority and announce acceptance of the concept there is a nation called, Israel.

2. Agree to end all tunnels in exchange for adequate truck supplies.

3. Disband most Hamas soldiers for a year and put them to work rebuilding Gaza.

4. Create joint Israel-Hamas patrols which would supervise the border of Gaza.