Has God Considered Suicide?

The other day I was sitting quietly wondering what God is thinking way up in the sky. This God is responsible for millions of planets, and I assume that he has created zillions of life forms on them. We humans are only a tiny, tiny, tiny part of the universe. So, what does God think about this planet that we call, Earth? I have no idea what God terms it. I assume the Big Guy up in the sky seeks to do a good job. I assume that God takes pride in his creations. So, what is God left with regarding these humans? There has not been a single day since the first life forms appeared on this planet that one life form or another was engaged in killing another. Heck, on planet Earth we even kill those of the same life form. It is difficult for me to believe this same pattern exists on all the planets in the universe. Logic suggests we are the aberration, not the norm.

The past few years haves witnessed nonstop killing and murders in the Middle East, in Africa, while in America people who claim to be “Christians” and “Jews”shout hatred toward some children seeking a safe haven! Surely, there must come a moment when God wonders: “how did this come about? What was my role in this mad planet of Death?” We humans commit suicide while in a state of despondency. Do Gods attain the same state?