Has Israel Changed?

For the moment, and I do mean, “the moment,” there is quiet along the Gaza front. Within Gaza, people are celebrating their great “victory” against Israel while in Israel, the growing feeling is that its armed forces failed to achieve a great “victory.” One report from the West Bank indicates the Israel government is taking additional land in order to construct additional settlements which will result in additional difficulty in attaining an agreement with the Palestinian Authority. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who initiated the invasion of Gaza which led to the deaths of 2100 people– most being civilians who had nothing to do with terrorism–is being accused of behaving like some sort of Barack Obama. He is charged with being indecisive and lacking in courage to complete the job against Hamas.

The majority of Israelis want “victory” over Hamas evil doers. Of course, it is not quite clear how they would know “victory” has been attained. Then again, what exactly is “victory” for the state of Israel? Over 2100 people in Gaza are dead, dozens of tunnels destroyed, and most probably a few dozen Hamas leaders are now dead. So, what would constitute the “victory” these Israelis desire? We do know that Hamas regards the death of 71 Israelis as a “great victory.”

Has anyone considered that “victory” is a treaty that ends violence, and deals with creation of an independent nation of Palestine that would crack down on terrorists and work to create a viable economy?