He Just Wants To Belong!

Donald Ray Morgan is just a good old boy from the South seeking a place that will take him in, and make him feel that he has finally found a home. OK, so he shot up a couple of bars, but the only thing in his mind was to find some good old boys who would share his joy in having a gun, and watching folks duck for cover. He headed off to Syria seeking to find a place that offered succor and kindness to him. OK, so he tried to join SIS, but for some unknown reason, the bearded guys just didn’t want him hanging around. “The reason for the support of ISIS us because they’ve proven time and time again to put Islamic law as the priority in establishment of an Islamic state and government.”

For some reason, Donald is now under arrest on charge of supporting terrorism. It is really tough these days when a guy goes to Lebanon and can’t even get across the border to join up with the good old boys in Iraq. Donald just wants to belong. For God’s sake, what will he now do with the swords and guns that he has? Oh, I know. How about joining the National Rifle Association and forming a section that focuses on using swords as well as guns? Then Donald can feel that he “belongs.”