Ho Hum, Another Day Of Violence

I sometimes wonder if there ever was a day on this planet since those creatures named, Cro-Magnon, finally appeared on the scene of “civilization?” Select any place on this planet and some form of violence and killing is proceeding just about every day.

1. Rockets were fired from Gaza so missiles were fired from Israel. I assume some people were either wounded or killed, but who these days keeps counts of the slaughter of humans.

2. In Nigeria, Boko Haram seized another village, killing men and kidnapping women. There is no question the Nigerian Army is the best fighting force in this world that opposes any form of shooting of the enemy. If you want to be safe and secure from soldiers, just confront some Nigerian soldiers.

3. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan witnessed about 50,000 protesters swarming through the streets and headed for Parliament. They believe the last presidential election was fixed. Frankly, I am bewildered. Did anyone expect an honest election or counting of votes in Pakistan?

So, why bother you with further examples of another day of peace on planet Earth.