Ho Hum-Just Another Rape In India

Among my mysteries of life is the absence of outrage among political leaders in India when their own women are raped. In 2012, an Indian college student was raped and murdered, and it set off anger among large groups of people, but the government, as usual, did not become emotionally engaged in the rape. Two years later a new government has been installed in India, and silence about rape has shifted to stupidity about rape. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is upset. No, not about the rape of this girl, but about those who protested about the rape. “One small incident of rape in Delhi advertised the world over is enough to cost us billions of dollars in loss of tourism.” Finally, an Indian government official who is clear about rape. If women continually allow themselves to be raped–and murdered– they are responsible for loss of money to the people of India in lost tourism!!

Her mother calmly noted: “When they(Jaitley’s party) wanted votes they used my daughter’s rape to criticize last government.” Man, sorry, the problem of the last government and this government is they blame victims of rape, not rapists!!