I Don’t Have To Tell You My Name!

Once upon a time in the United States of America its citizens could walk the streets without having to speak with anyone, particularly members of the police. They were Americans and thus entitled to the right of silence. Christopher Lollie was sitting in a location near a bank with his children. For some reason, someone in the bank interpreted the man on a bench with some sort of criminal behavior. Lollie was shortly accosted by a member of the police demanding identity. He responded: “I don’t have to tell you who I am, I haven’t broken any laws. The problem is I am black. That’s the problem.”

Naturally, the end result was another police statistic about some sort of “crime” that was committed. Chalk up another crime by a black man in America. There is something sad about this incident because each day it is replicated hundreds of times by police to black males. Fortunately, Mr. Lollie was not shot six times!