“I Have No Strategy”

Every so often President Barack Obama utters words that reveal his lack of understanding of leadership. In a recent quote, the leader of our nation uttered the comment, “I have no strategy” on how to deal with ISIS. OK, handling a terror group which has arisen due to ineptness and stupidity on the part of Iraq’s leadership is NOT the fault of President Obama. But, why would he inform the world and ISIS that he lacks a strategy of how to proceed? His words were an honest statement that he lacks a strategy, but for God’s sake don’t tell the world or your enemy! A leader has to convey a forceful presence to enemies. A leader warns the enemy that a response will destroy them once and for all. He could threaten a powerful air campaign, he could threaten to send enormous amounts of weapons and material to the government of Iraq, he could at least make ISIS leaders fear that SOMETHING is going to occur that just might pose a threat to their survival.

Throughout World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt, even in the dark days when America was still reeling from the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor made clear the United States was a powerful nation that WOULD win. Barack Obama, in his honesty, conveys a sense of “I don’t know what the heck to do.” I agree that IS his feeling. How about keeping it to yourself? His comment strengthened ISIS.