Independence Day: Pro And Con

The people of Ukraine celebrated Independence Day with a large parade of marching soldiers and happy people. Meanwhile in territory of separatists an anti-Independence Day celebration occurred. Led by a gorgeous blond waving an assault weapon, a few dozen Ukrainian prisoners were marched through the streets. They were dressed in filthy uniforms, had shaved heads and endured mocking shouts of “fascists” and “perverts” while onlookers pelted them with garbage. Such is the world of modern Ukraine. Back in Moscow, the MAN, Vladimir Putin. insists that his only concern is supporting forces of democracy and peace by providing them with weapons of war. Another Russian convoy filled with “humanitarian” goods crossed the border into Ukraine. Reality is that government forces are steadily driving back separatists in the struggle to united the nation.

So, what to do with Putin? Economic sanctions must be imposed regardless of the impact upon West European economies. America must lift restrictions upon sale of oil to Europe. Hit Putin in the only thing that really concerns him– his desire for wealth. The Russian people have fallen asleep and support this two bit dictator. Time for them to wake up to the reality of poverty!