Indians Are NOT Native Americans-Nor Indians!

Among my favorite athletes is the former Chicago Bear linebacker, Mike Ditka. He played tough, he played fair, and he gave no quarter. Mike so enjoys speaking his mind. Mike jumped into a major controversy that has impacted many Americans. Poverty-No. Lack of jobs-No. Lack of available health facilities-No. Lack of roads and bridges-No. The issue for many is-should the Washington Redskins drop the name “Redskins” because it allegedly insults “Native Americans.” During my service in the armed forces, the word, “Yankee” was a pejorative employed by Southerners to describe those from the North. There are the Boston “Celtics” and no one gets upset at this “insult” of Irish people. There are the San Francisco Forty-Niners which refers to those living a hundred fifty years ago, and no one gets upset. There are the San Francisco Giants which could be construed as an insult toward tall people. How about the Chicago Bulls which takes aim at bulls?

According to Mike, the entire argument about “Redskins” “is so much bullshit. What’s all this stink over the Redskin name? We’re trying to let the liberals of the world run the world.” Mike, the issue is that those called, Redskins or Native Americans are neither-they are Sioux, Apache, Delaware, etc.. The word, “American” comes from Amerigo Vespucci, an ITALIAN! Please explain why asking people to drop the “Indians” and replace it with an Italian name makes sense?