Iran Sanctions

The United States government imposed a new set of sanctions against Iranian banks, businesses and individuals who are connected with their nation’s quest for nuclear development. At present, negotiations are occurring between Iran and major powers. Naturally, the Iranian government is upset. A Foreign Ministry spokesperson warned: “These actions have a negative and non-constructive impact on the trend of talks.” Makes sense. If nations are talking, they are not fighting. Russia has been violating the rights of Ukraine, but most European nations refuse to impose severe sanctions because it is bad for their business. The goal of sanctions is to get nations to a negotiating table. If they are talking, why endanger the process by imposing sanctions?

There is plenty of time once talks end to impose punitive actions against Iran. Take a gamble in life. As long as Iran is engaged in productive discussions, hold off on further sanctions. At this point in time, the government of Iran, unlike that of Russia, is willing to discuss issues in a calm and productive manner. Further that process and hold off on further negative actions.