ISIS Wants US Troops

In addition to its land war in Iraq, leaders of ISIS are conducting a verbal, a media, and a dare you attack upon the United States. A recent video from ISIS challenges the Americans to send in their troops. “Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead,send your troops, the ones we humiliated in Iraq.” ISIS goes on to predict that one day, “we will raise the flag of Allah over the White House.” I am certain that Senator John McCain is ready to join a Republican division of Fox News and Tea Party heroes who are willing to meet Islamic militants macho man with macho man. How can we God fearing Americans turn down this challenge?

America has come a long way from the days when President Roosevelt said, “build 50,000 airplanes” and they were built. We have a nation that is confused, angry, hurt, but the last thing on its mind is to fight anyone about anything. Americans prefer to wage a verbal/written war on Facebook. Reality is the American people simply do not wish to fight anyone with other than their mouths of hands. And, our president is a personification of the new American spirit!

  • frogtwanger

    Seems to me if isis wants us to commit troops, it is because it would be a great recruitment tool for them. If macho chest thumping and over reacting causes us to send in our troops AGAIN, I think we can thank fox news and people like John McCain.