Israel Will Build 284 New Homes

The Israel government announced that it was going to construct 284 new homes. Ordinarily, when a government decides to build homes for its people, the world cheers at this announcement of economic vitality. After all, who can be against building and providing homes for people? Of course, the new homes are in a settlement named, Elkana, and this settlement is NOT in the state of Israel, but on land that used to be owned by Palestinians. Technically speaking, this is in violation of international law. Sorry, I forgot that some Israelis claim that God himself wants Jews to build homes in land owned by Palestinian Muslims. As a human who does not seek to mess with the Big Guy up in the sky, what can one say, but, go on building and building. I assume God on his trip to billions of planets has but one thought in his mind– why don’t Jews build some more homes in the West Bank?

The US government protested, the UN protested, the European Union protested, Palestinians protested, but building homes continues and continues. Perhaps, Israelis will explain how such construction builds the foundation of peace in the Middle East? Just asking. So, God, please don’t get mad at me!