Just A Shot In The Dark

I assume those reading this blog are becoming tired of continual stories about shooting. I assume those who are in touch with the social media are now mentally fatigued reading about innocent people shot by those armed with guns. The story has become boring because there is nothing new in these events. It is always the same, some idiot reaches for a gun rather than taking a moment to investigate a situation. Sgt. Easton McDaniels who works in the Loudon County police department in Virginia heard a sound in his garage. It was nighttime, and there was no reason for any noises in his garage. The policeman saw a figure in the darkness.

1. Did he say anything to the figure?

2. Did he issue a warning?

3. Did he fire his gun up in the air?

None of the above. The figure was that of his sixteen year old daughter. She has slipped out of the house to see a friend. So, the policeman blasted away. His daughter is now in a hospital with serious gun shot wounds.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Mr. McDaniels was Standing His Ground!