Michael Brown Saga Continues

There are still fires in Ferguson, Missouri, there are still people wandering its streets with anger and fury at police who have treated American citizens as though they were enemies of the government. Police armed with weapons of war, clad in armor as though going into battle to confront Islamic terrorists are out in force in Ferguson. IN reality, Ferguson has become a war zone right here in the good old USA. There is something horrible at the sight of American police pointing assault weapons at citizens. There is something wrong at the sight of armored cars with machine guns driving around Ferguson with the same attitude held by soldiers who fought in the streets of Baghdad. American police no longer are the friendly guy in blue who places a loving hand on the head of children and offers a pleasant hello to businessmen and mothers. They have become warriors ready for combat.

I recall as a boy in the Bronx, New York being caught stealing comic books. A policeman grabbed me, took me outside, and gave me a hard whack on the head with words of warning” “Do that again you little bastard and I’ll send you up the river to a reformatory.” That was the end of my criminal career. What does Ferguson need?

1. Police dressed in blue, not in armor.

2. Police armed with a pistol and club.

3. Neighborhood police who know all the merchants, visit local schools and are friendly with people in the streets.

4. It would also help if instead of only 3 black cops of the 53 officers, the number was closer to thirty.