Mt. Sinjar Rescue Must Be Done

There is scant doubt the American people do not understand the difference between use of force in order to accomplish humanitarian goals rather than use of force in order to accomplish political goals. A few hundred American Marines and Special Forces are on top of Mt. Sinjar working on plans to help Yazidis refugees reach a safe place. This is NOT another stupid invasion of Iraq, this is a demonstration that Americans still believe it is their responsibility to assist those who are oppressed in the world. NO, we cannot assist every person who is starving or living under brutal rule, but there are opportunities which enable the use of American armed forces to accomplish humanitarian objectives,. Reality: 99% of Americans are out of Iraq. Talk about fighting has been replaced by talk about saving lives.

Perhaps, for the first time, President Obama is acting like a leader. He is taking decisive steps to assist people who lack the capacity to save their lives. America has not always been a symbol of freedom, it all too often has allowed itself to get sucked up in the world of dictators and ignorance. Reality: Not a single advisor to George Bush had the slightest understanding of the Middle East, let alone the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites. Let us aid those on Mr. Sinjar, and in so doing, we aid America to become a symbol of freedom.