Newt Neuters Romney And Republicans

I recently read a comment by a nice Republican voter who said she was shifting to support of Newt Gingrich because, “he has raised the level of discussion” and he is a man “of ideas.” She also was pleased that Newt could reach across the aisle and work with Democrats in order to develop a bipartisan program for America. I read this comment and wonder on which planet do  Republicans live. Let’s look at the record:

1. As head of the House of  Representatives he caused the entire government to shut down, partially because he was irked at seating arrangements on the president’s plane.

2. Name any topic and you will find a Gingrich speech for either side.

3. Ron Paul terms him a “serial hypocrite”which is the only honest comment from a Republican candidate in months.

4. Gingrich worked as a lobbyist for Freddie Mae while decrying Freddie Mae. He also worked for health insurance companies in order to help them secure a health care plan which requires taking health insurance. Oh, guess what Gingrich now opposes??

5. The Tea Party is against career politicians, it is against paid lobbyists and who do they now want as their candidate– a career politician and paid lobbyist.

6. A serious historian takes years to write a book because it requires countless  hours of research and reflection, but Newt can publish one each year–with the help of a ghost writer.

7. Newt has decried politicians who engage in extra-marital affairs and even tried to impeach President Clinton. This from a man who cheated on TWO wives and told one of them in her hospital bed that he wanted a divorce.

8. On the bright side, he has cut back on the paunch.