Nine Year Old Fires Uzi And Someone Dies!

There are moments in my life as an American when I have to wonder what has happened to this society? I was raised in the Depression when one fourth of Americans were without jobs and millions went hungry each day.But, for some strange reason few believed they needed a gun to protect themselves. In New York we had the Sullivan Act which restricted gun ownership, and I lived in a slum, not in a middle class neighborhood. A nine year old girl was taken by parents to a firing range during their holiday. A NINE YEAR old girl was handed over to an instructor who would teach her how to fire an UZI submachine gun! A video shows Charles Vacca explaining to the NINE YEAR old how to hold the gun. “We have to keep that held in, otherwise the gun won’t fire.”

A minute later the machine gun fires and Charles Vacca is dead. Who the hell, for what reason would allow their nine year old daughter to get anywhere near a Uzi submachine gun? Her parents should be arrested for child neglect and spend a few months in jail. This is gun ownership gone crazy? What next, teach nine year olds how to throw grenades?