No Troops On Ground

Ah, it was only a decade ago that American leaders were prepared to send in the boys and wipe out the enemy. As you recall, President George Bush never lost an opportunity to save mankind from the evils of savage, brutal, horrible Muslim terrorists. We certainly have come a long way from the glory days of the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. Today, as thousands of innocent refugees seek to be spared from ISIS brutality — or death–President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry ponder if anything can be done. The basic assumption of American foreign policy in August, 1914 is that no American soldier will be placed at risk to bodily harm. In other words, the Obama Doctrine is -peace and tranquility.

It is difficult offering alternative scenarios, given events of the past decade. But, the question must be posed: are there ANY conditions in the world that would result in American soldiers going into action? Obviously, a direct attack on American soil would result in American soldiers fighting and dying. The Obama Doctrine of Peace and Tranquility will please Americans. However, it will not save lives of those in peril of evil doers.