NRA-Did You Know No Guns For Civilians In Afghanistan?

As the NRA feared, once elect that weak liberal Barack Obama and honest decent Americans will not be allowed to go around carrying a weapon to protect themselves against terrorists. Four American contractors who work for the company formerly known as Blackwater are accused of illegally having weapons in their possession when they opened fire on Afghans and killed one and wounded others. The men insist their employer issued weapons to them which apparently is a breach of the contract between the company and the military. However, according to Col. Chris Kubik, “by the terms of the contract, they were not authorized to carry weapons.”

Just wait until the NRA learns God-fearing Americans can’t go around with their rifles and assault weapons in Afghanistan, but must adhere to a no-gun policy. Didn’t the US military ever hear about the 2nd Amendment!! David Callahan, a lawyer for the company argues the men had stopped when they were approached by a car so they took out their weapons and fired. Hey, NRA, let’s get Congress to pass laws saying American rights to their gun supersede any damn law by some foreign government. It’s in the Constitution!